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Levi is at that age he just says the funniest things.

Here are some of our favorites!

*Levi has been awfully quiet for a stretch while Morgan and Tayt and I are doing school. Tayt goes to find him and he is in the kitchen facing the cabinets counting.

Tayt: Whatcha doin Levi?

Levi: Playing hide-n-seek with God. I’m counting. 🙂

Me: Levi, you can’t hide from God.

Levi: I know, but He lets me win sometimes. He’s cool like that. 🙂

*We are driving in the truck, not much traffic on the road. Tayt looks over at Levi who is looking out the window waving.

Tayt: Whatcha doin Levi?

Levi: Waving at God. 🙂

*We have� a horse named Napoleon who the girls call their Noble Steed.

Levi asked one day if he could ride Noble Steve.� 🙂

* Levi has his own set of contractions.� Bu’cept – But except

*I opened Levi’s dresser drawer one day to find three live frogs. He had taken out his socks and set up a house for them out of his sister’s doll furniture. Little chairs, beds, etc. Only problem is he forgot to include a toilet! 🙂

Levi wanted to play the hand game�Rock, Paper,Scissors with his sister. She always seemed to win and he got frustrated so he decided to make up his own game. He was showing her how to play “Rocketship go to the side”. He showed her to make a fist sticking your thumb out and then put your hands together, then he says, “rocketship go to the side I win,” and pulls his hand quickly to the side. Of course he wins everytime. We have just laughed and laughed playing “Rocketship go to the side” with him, LOL.

* Levi was laying on the bed looking up at the ceiling when he said, “Momma, how do you spose God got the suction cups on spiders feet without getting stuck to them?”

*When Levi gets to shoot guns with Daddy, he has to wear ear plugs, with “ear muffins” on top. When it’s cold outside, he asks for his ear muffins so his ears don’t get cold. 😉

Wow. He’s growing up. He’s almost six. Sad and happy, not sure I’m ready for the challenges to come!  The other day I came home from the store with a bunch of plastic sacks. I had my hands full, trying to save a trip back to the truck. I was trying to open the door, when Levi came running to help me. he took several sacks from me, running to the table, throwing them down, and exclaiming, “Are there any explosives in here?”   🙂   

One thought on “Levi-isms

  1. What a coincidence! I have “Conversations with Levi” posts on my blog for the delightful and amazing things that my 3yo Levi says.

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