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The building of Gunn Ranch Academy one caliche rock at a time; our friends, family, passions, learning adventures and our little piece of HIStory in the making!

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2013 JWC Horse Show

I purchased two phenomenal photos taken by a professional photographer and wanted to share.  Several more great photos will follow in the weeks to come, but these are two I just had to purchase to share.

Taylor and Lee, looking like a magazine advertisement:


Morgan sharing her lollipop with Sparky. He was dressed up like a rocking horse and she was a horse-crazy little girl who dreamed of owning her very own pony 🙂

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Counting Down!

Still no foal, and Grace is about the same cheerful and hungry Momma mare as she has been. The milk bag is soft but no waxing (dripping) yet.

The temperature has dropped to create quite a chill in the air and the goats were snuggled up together this morning with the babies crowded in between them.

With the full moon tomorrow and the chill in the air, it’s beginning to look a lot like foaling time!

I believe we will start our night watch tonight just in case by setting the alarm to check every few hours. I don’t have to work (at the clinic) tomorrow, so we can take turns tonight and sleep a little later in the morning if needed.

You never know, might be tonight, or next week!

Waiting, waiting, waiting!


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Getting Closer

So this morning the girls came back in from feeding the horses and said Grace’s mammary area wasn’t firm anymore and looked like it was all gone. I told them it would soften up when her milk started coming in within a few days of foaling.

When I checked her out I was excited to announce that I was able to express milk from her little milkers as we so fondly call them. Due date is Wednesday which also happens to be a full moon!


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Any blog experts out there, please PLEASE PLEASE could you just come over to my house and fix all this mess for me- LOL. I feel like I’ve invested millions of hours over the past four years on my blog (just to get it mediocre-) and now feel like my house just burned down and I lost everything.
I saved my old template, but didn’t save any of the time it took to put the old blog together- If you live within a few hundred miles of South Texas, yeah, that sound you hear is me screaming. AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

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Schoolhouse Expo


Just a reminder, you can pre-register for the Schoolhouse Expo, a 3 day, online conference through March 31st for only $19.99.  Coolest thing ever, though, is that you receive over $300 in free gifts just for registering! (There’s some really cool stuff you’re gonna love, I’m telling you!)

Stop by and check out the list of great speakers and topics, as well as checking out a list of the free gifts and door prizes that will be given away. This looks like a great opportunity to get some wonderful encourgement and homeschool helps, and they’re even gonna have some question answer sessions going on.  CHECK IT OUT!!

Also, don’t forget about March madness going on over at the Schoolhouse Store. They got some fabulous deals on over 230  quality resources over there!  MARCH MADNESS AT THE TOS STORE!!

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The Schoolhouse Expo and other TOS Happenings


If you’re looking for homeschool encouragement, resources, and fun, check out all that is going on at The Old Schoolhouse!

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Levi turned 4!

LevisbirthdayandTayt039-1.jpg picture by ksudoc93


I thought it was appropriate since we’ve been covered in mud around here for the past few months that Levi’s pretty white sprinkle cake had a bulldozer drive over it leaving "muddy" tire tracks:

LevisbirthdayandTayt021.jpg picture by ksudoc93

Last Sunday after church we spent the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese for Levi’s fourth birthday. Our awesome neighbor Melly even came by to wish Levi happy birthday and play some games with him! Daddy was able to take off work a little early to join us (he usually doesn’t work on Sunday, but the past several weeks has been turn around at the refinery so we haven’t seen much of him).

LevisbirthdayandTayt031.jpg picture by ksudoc93

Levi and Tayt on the big rocking horse:

LevisbirthdayandTayt038.jpg picture by ksudoc93

Levi and Daddy waiting to go on a Jungle Safari:

LevisbirthdayandTayt047.jpg picture by ksudoc93

Levi and our neighbor Melly shooting:

LevisbirthdayandTayt029.jpg picture by ksudoc93

My "Babyman" is growing up! Happy birthday little man!