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Our Tripod Goat

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This year Taylor went all out and decided to purchase an ABGA registered doe to show in the goat show and then keep to breed for babies.

She took immaculate care of her, and Margarita turned out to be a very nice show goat. She got 5th in her class, and Taylor didn’t auction her but brought her home to live.

Here are pictures Levi took of her (on our old camera, which is why they are so grainy) Margarita is the one on the right.

And in this one you can see clearly that she has all four legs…


As I pulled into the ranch after work on Tuesday November 6th, I found Taylor sitting with the goat outside the pen. Half of the goat’s foot along with the tendon was hanging from the fence. The other half (goats have split hooves) was dragging behind the goat, which left her walking on exposed bone.

The goat had tried to jump the fence which they’ve all done hundreds of times, and this time she got stuck.

After Daddy arrived home, we broke out the medic kit and scrubbed up the bloody stump on the tailgate of his truck out in front of the house. We wrapped it up for the night and headed to the vet hospital the next morning. Fortunately it was a Wednesday, which is a closed day for our clinic, so we had the place all to ourselves except the tech doing treatments.

I amputated the leg, leaving it a joint longer than usual because we had decided that we might like to take on the project of a prosthetic leg so the goat could still have a chance to breed and be able to support the extra weight of babies. We love projects, and I thought this would be a super educational opportunity!!

The amputation went perfectly and the goat was a perfect patient.

Taylor provided excellent post-op care and the leg never swelled, wasn’t red or even really painful to the goat. She acted like she never even knew what happened. She stayed on the porch for a week, and after that she just got stir crazy to be with the others.

So I went ahead and let her go back to the goat pen watching her carefully. The leg healed so fast, and she gets around perfectly on it.

She was super glad to be back to the jungle gym! I was worried at first and watched her closely. She started by climbing to the first level.

It didn’t take her but a few days, however, to reclaim her spot at the top!

(She’s about 8 feet up in the air!)

You just never know.


One thought on “Our Tripod Goat

  1. Wow!! I love this!! She’s a fighter. Very cool!

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