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2013 JWC Fair


Fair week was exhausting and pics will come later.

The week was a bit of a blur, LOL.

The animals all placed well and the girls were pretty satisfied with how they did.

A dear friend purchased both girls’ goats at the auction, and they were both surprised, thrilled and very grateful.  Their hard work paid off, and they were very proud of what they had accomplished all on their own in light of more “politics” and unfairness where showmanship is concerned. It is really tough to try and explain and “discuss”  the actions, words and lack of care and concern on the part of adults in charge sometimes. But that is unfortunately how our world runs, and they do understand this. They probably take it better than their ole momma who has watched the blood, sweat and tears they have put into their projects. They give it their all, their hearts and souls, while others who win have never really even touched their projects. Where parents hire fitters and feeders, spend thousands of dollars and have that million dollar “name” in the judges pocket.

But at the end of the day, again, I am so very proud of who my girls are. They work hard, they gain the knowledge and expertise they need to be fabulous little showman, and their projects are all theirs. From finding their animals, to breeding their own, to researching exactly what they need to be feeding, to keeping charts and receipts, to learning to tag, to digging up all the information they can find on each species, studying, speaking to adult experts, attending workshops, finding resources, and more.

Aside from the caring for, prepping and showing their animals, they worked concession stand, served at the steak dinner, and helped their extension agent and others in many ways. They are always there to lend a helping hand if and when needed.

They also spend Friday helping many of the winners of the showmanship of each species learn how to show the horse part of the overall showman competition!! They also helped out the horse showmanship winner. 🙂  While they both looked like they should have been in the ring for the overall competition, they used their skill and expertise to help others. These girls are “classy” as their showmanship coach calls them! 🙂

These girls are amazing, and I am so proud of them!

They are truly shining examples of what kids should aspire to be, and truly exemplary 4-Hers!!

Pictures to follow!



3 thoughts on “2013 JWC Fair

  1. Chris, you have the most amazing kids and I too am so proud of them. I know how passionate they are and how hard they work. You should definitely be a proud momma. You all deserve nothing but the best. One day all of that hard work and passion will pay off. They are amazing examples as to how other kids should be. Way to go Morgan, Tay and of course sweet Levi. And way to go to you too Chris. You are an amazing mommy!!

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