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Crew Review: God’s World News, Early Edition

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Are you interested in providing your children with an age-appropriate resource of current events from a Biblical Worldview?

Then  God’s World News is just for you!

You can choose one of six monthly issues, tailored to your child’s level. For review, we received a Full-Year Early Edition subscription, designed for children in grades 1-2.  This 10-month subscription (delivered every month except May and December)  is only $28.00.  

(See the God’s World News Subscription page for discounts on multiple subscriptions!)

The Early Edition is full of colorful, full sized pictures with each story written in large text on a 1-2 grade level so children can read and explore the articles on their own. Most stories also have additional information for the teacher to read to the children to expand upon the information.

Each issue includes games, puzzles and activities that are fun and educational to build alphabet, number, sequencing, critical thinking, writing and other skills.

One of our favorite parts of the Early Edition is the Map-it activities. A 20 X 30 full sized color world map is sent along with the September issue. Within each month’s articles are small boxes with the geographical region being discussed in the article to find on the map. Within each box is a small compass rose with the corresponding number and letter from the map to make it easier to locate.     We like to use small sticky flags so we can see all the places we have visited in the world!  When my girls were smaller and each had their own edition of the God’s World News we had our map hanging on cork board so they could stick small pins with colorful plastic balls on the heads.  They had different levels, but we loved it that they still contained the very same stories tailored to each girl’s level, so the map-it sites were the same. They enjoyed talking about the stories together and working together to find the places on the map!


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I would really love for you to see for yourself just how absolute cool this little magazine is.  If you’ve never seen it, or even heard of it,  just take a look at a sample issue of Early Edition. I know you will be as amazed as I was when I very first heard about it years ago.

You can find samples of all six issues on the websites so you can see how they coordinate and differ.

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Also included with each subscription is access to the grade-level  full of stories, photos and downloadable activity sheets!

Parents and teachers can receive weekly email newsletter which includes answer keys to the magazines quizzes and puzzles.

Also with our review we received a complimentary issue of World Magazine. This is an adult news magazine with a Biblical Worldview. I had a subscription to it for a few years and absolutely LOVE the news articles from a Christian perspective. It’s nice to be able to keep up with the news without being bombarded by negativity and violence!! You can check out the online World News Magazine here!

As of September 2013, with a God’s World News or World magazine subscription, subscribers will automatically be World fellow members with access for all ages of your immediate family members to World content, kids, teens, radio, video, and more! They even have apps for iPad and mobile. Check out World News Group now to read all about the benefits!


God’s World News at Gunn Ranch Academy

As I mentioned before, we have been long-time fans of God’s World News. Years ago when I first started homeschooling I learned of GWN. When I was blessed with the opportunity to go to a homeschool convention, one of the things I really wanted to look at was GWN. I was so impressed I immediately ordered subscriptions for both of my daughters on their levels.  We have subscribed to all levels except high school.  We haven’t subscribed now for a few years, so when we had the opportunity to review a subscription, I was super excited to get this for Levi!

Just as I suspected, he loves it every bit as much as his sisters did! It truly motivates him to read and dig in with content that is interesting and fun for him.  The variety of content keeps it interesting, yet the short articles keep him engaged without wearing his reading skills out.  I love the small blurbs of additional information for the parent/teacher to read and be able to expand upon and engage in discussion.  So far we have explored the Aug, Sept and October issues.  When we first get out the magazine he flips through the pages looking at the pictures to get a taste for the content. We usually hit the articles that capture his interest first, skipping around at his pleasure. In the October issue he was fascinated with the flying cars, and then on the opposing page a car with a parachute used for emergency access to small villages where cars cannot go. Both of these articles included “Read to Me” sections for additional information to help me discuss the information with him.

Then we started back at the beginning with a “really cool” article (in his words) of a 64 year old lady who swam from Cuba to Florida. This gave him a chance to use his Map-it skills and flag cuba, following the 110 mile route to Key West with his finger.

Levi loves learning about new animals that have been discovered, like Ringerl the olinguito and a new kind of hammerhead shark found in the waters off South Carolina. The colored pictures included are really awesome!

I love it that every issue is packed with geography, science, biographies, history, lots of practice reading and super cool games, puzzles, find the hidden picture, crosswords, and many more mind-engaging learning activities. Lots of the articles include Bible2Life sections where the subject is discussed in a Biblical view and includes Bible verses.

While I don’t need answer keys at this level, it’s nice to have access to them, as well as more content. downloadable activities, and lots of extra stuff over at the website.  I can also find a summary of lessons and biographies, and the digital magazine.

God’s World News is what I call a no-brainer. Kids and parents love it, and it’s just a treasure of a way to get reading practice and stay current on news, while increasing knowledge and wisdom!

Awesome, ten thumbs up from Gunn Ranch academy!!!

We will continue Levi’s subscription for years to come, just like we did with his sisters. And his 13 year old sister is again enjoying her very own level as well!

For more family adventures with God’s World News, read my Crew Mates’ reviews over at the Crew Blog!


Enjoy Your Journey!


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