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Almost County Fair Month!

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It’s just hard to believe that September is over halfway over.

We have dove right back into a brand new 4-H year, getting busy with fair project registration, planning, steak dinner ticket sales, getting ready for Food Show and Challenge, animal clinics, One Day 4-H, club community service, trail rides, and more and more and more.

I always think this time of year about how hard the girls have worked on raising their goats, rabbits and this year adding turkeys to the mix, and about how we only have one more month to make sure they are growing and muscling out.

And hoping that the goats aren’t chewing everything up so much that their teeth fall out. They are required to still have all 4 of their baby teeth intact, and while the ages of our goats are not any danger for the teeth falling out, Morgan’s goat chews and chews and chews and she has been so worried the teeth will fall out that she even bought a muzzle to try and keep on her (that didn’t work out at all, LOL).

I just think how hard they have worked and pray every morning, noon, and night that nothing will happen to them, teeth will stay put, no accidents, no bloating, no horns ripped off on the fence, etc.

Raising animals is such an amazing and awesome way to let kids take responsibility into their own hands and reap the rewards for it. But sometimes it can be a tough experience too.  This will be the third year the girls have raised and shown goats, and the past two years we have struggled a little bit and worried that the goats wouldn’t make weight. But alas, each year they did, and passed through sifting (where they make the animals that don’t meet all the requirements go home and not get to show) and the girls have done well showing their goats.
Last year they both got called back for Showmanship, and this year I’m hoping they will as well and might even place. They are both extraordinary showwomen, but of course politics and big names come into play we know, so they just do their best and hope for the best. Showmanship is judging how the kid shows the goat. As the judge is judging the actual goats to place them, they also pick out the kids to go back in the ring for a separate Showmanship contest which, again, is just judging the kid’s showman abilities. The winner of each type of animal (horse, steer, pig, goat, lamb, rabbit, chicken) all go back in the ring to compete against each other for the Overall Showmanship award. I am really hoping and praying that Morgan will win Horse Showmanship so she can compete for Overall showman this year. She has been Reserve the past two years. She  did a really great job with the goat showmanship last year and the judge had some awesome comments about her, so I’m really praying she could also win goat showman or at least reserve. She has the qualities, but we aren’t a big name in the goat industry, so it might not happen due to politics. But that’s just the way life is, so we will still give it our best!

This year Taylor has bred and raised her own rabbits to show, and is excited to see how they do! Her friend Kaitlyn will also be showing one of Taylor’s babies, so I hope it does well! Taylor was called back for Rabbit Showmanship last year too, and that consists of answering lots of questions the judge asks, so she is getting prepared for that! She is a wonderful speaker and raising her own babies has definitely helped her with her rabbitology knowledge!! 🙂

Taylor decided to try her hand at turkeys this year and they have really been a lot of fun.  They run around the ranch like crazies, along with three standard turkeys that we got at the feed store a bit before we got the show turkeys, so I’m not sure they will be big and plump and lazy like they are suppose to be, but we shall see. Levi’s dream is to show turkeys, so Taylor wanted to try them out this year so she will be able to help him out next year when he is old enough to show.

So August is fast approaching and I know the fair will be here before we know it! We are ready!


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