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Crew Review: PeopleKeys DISC Career Style Report

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PeopleKeys  is a company that provides assessments to businesses, students, and in the faith-based category to aid company’s  and organizations with hiring employees and maximizing potential and motivation in the workplace, help students and teachers reach their full potential in education and career choice, and help ministry teams and individuals assess spiritual growth and faith-based personality analysis.
They offer many different types of analysis,  both online and in paper form,  to help both organizations and individuals in unlocking their potential.

The company offers a StudentKeys program to assess student perceptual learning style, personality style, cognitive thinking style, student strengths, career assessment, and more  to help students and parents improve educational decisions and learning. These reports come in both hardcopy and online assessment formats.

For review we received Student Personality Style Online Report with DISC Career style report included.

While I can’t find the exact product on the website that we reviewed (ours is directed toward the student) there is an adult version that includes some of the same pages plus several additional pages. It is the Online DISC profile: Career Style Report and it can be purchased for $32.00

As I just discussed, I was a little confused when we were told we would be reviewing the DISC career style report and what we received was labeled student personality style report. After Morgan took the assessment the labels made more sense as the report is a personality style assessment which guides students in identifying their personality style using the DISC system which then goes on to describe characteristics of their primary style, and then at the end of the report includes a list of career matches for “careers enjoyed” by your individualized primary personality style.  This report is basically designed to help students understand their behavioral style and learn their hidden motivators. It is not a career exploration study, there is just a list of careers enjoyed by your personality type at the end of the report. It can certainly help students better interact with educators, parents and siblings, other students, friends, and employers.

So what are the personality styles evaluated that they call DISC?

D- Dominant

I- Influencing

S- Steady


After the student answers several questions on the online survey, they receive a report.

Our report is a 7 page pdf document that we were able to save to our computer. When opened up the cover page includes the name of the report, Morgan’s name, the date and her primary style; Contemplator. (The Career Style Profile I previously linked to is a 15 page report and by looking at the sample pages contains some of the same pages plus a few more that we didn’t get.)

The first page of the report is a description of understanding your personality style.

The opening line, for example, reads:  As a Contemplator style, Morgan is detail oriented and has high standards.

There are several paragraphs describing just about every aspect of general characteristics, what they are motivated by, and ideal environment.

The next page is labeled Workplace, your professional style.  This includes many characteristics related to jobs and work tasks in a working environment.  It includes some specific subjects the personality type would gravitate towards, and concludes with a numbered list of Compliant Workplace Style Characteristics.

The next page is Workplace tips for your professional styleThis is an organized list of tips for self growth and to enhance communication in the workplace. I believe communication is the NUMBER ONE most important thing in success in the workplace! This list is a WONDERFUL and very accurate and valuable tool!

The next page is Career Match: best match and is a list of occupations enjoyed by your style.

The following page is Career Match: close match and is a list of occupations enjoyed by another style your closely resemble.

The last page is a scoring data graph page that graphs the numbers you received for each of the DISC style questions so you can how closely you matched each style.

Morgan was very diverse in her styles, her scores were:

D= 37




I think this is also a great bit of information to evaluate the scores for each style, as this shows how adaptable the personality is among all the styles. She looks to be very well rounded by this report, which is not new information, but always nice to see!!

Our Experience

We really enjoyed the online profile format and reading through the report. As Morgan was taking the test she could definitely see where the questions were leading. This isn’t our first experience with this type of evaluation as we are always striving to relate to the best way to learn and thrive as an individual in moving forward and specifically with leadership.  This survey definitely was accurate, and was a very valid description and did contain some great ideas and brought forth important characteristics to recognize. It’s never a bad thing to evaluate where you are at and where you want to go, and this definitely helps students evaluate and re-evaluate those things.

I do feel that it kinda seemed to be a “part” of something that needed additional parts to complete it.  It didn’t seem “complete” in and of itself, but the parts that were there were very interesting.

This would be an awesome thing for groups of students, youth groups, co-ops, scout troops, 4-H groups, project groups, etc to do and discuss together, but would be better to use as a package with the other reports I suspect.  It would be a good tool for homeschool families to use with kids to help them see the big picture, to guide them along a track of personal interest and increase learning and potential for their futures, as well as help motivate them to be excited about taking their future into their own hands and striving to excellence. I have definitely found that when students are learning something they love, in their own style of learning, that the sky is the limit and the learning exceeds any academic assignment I could ever give them. But again, I do feel that maybe the other reports would make this more complete.  (This is only speculation as I didn’t see any of the other reports, only read about them in the StudentKeys portion of the website, and since I can’t actually find the report we reviewed, I can only say that if the other reports include interesting information similar to the one we reviewed that they would probably be of value.)

For us, this report was a fresh review of many things we already knew and helped give us confidence that we are on the right journey.

My 13 year old asked if she could do this too, but since I can’t find the product on the website I might choose another similar product for her to try out. I’ll try and update this post if I get a reply from the company on the product we reviewed.

There many great tools to use over at the PeopleKeys website, and the StudentKeys program is just one of those. Take a look for yourself, and be sure to read about my Crew Mates’ adventures with this and many of the others by clicking on the banner!


Enjoy Your Journey!


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