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Our Annual CE by the Sea Vacation

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I am privileged to be able to attend a very special veterinary continuing education meeting each year at Port Royal Ocean Resort in Port Aransis, Texas.

I am required to obtain 18 hours of veterinary continuing education per year to renew my Texas license, and while there are many options and different meetings, I really love the CE by the Sea meeting the first weekend in September each year.

The first year I attended I just drove over and took the kids a couple of days to swim since my mom was visiting to watch to kids while I was in my meeting. The next year we booked a room for a couple of nights and it was magnificent to be able to rest and relax and visit with my Mom and niece while the kids played.

Another really cool thing about this time of year is that it always falls around my Mom’s birthday which is Sept 4th. This year her birthday fell on the day we picked them up from the airport!

This was the fourth year I’ve attended this conference, and this year we booked a room for 4 nights. This year was also very special because my dad came too! As he is getting older and having some health issues (dizziness, etc.) it is very hard for him to travel and be comfortable away from home, but we were so very happy that he made the choice to join us this year. We we SO HAPPY to have him here, and I think that he really enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having him!

I learned so much at the conference this year, and we had an absolutely wonderful time at the resort as well as visiting at home for a few more days until my parents and niece flew back home. It was such a nice change from the ordinary, and truly a vacation sometimes does the heart and soul good, and keeps up the motivation to work day to day!

I am so very thankful for the opportunity to have such awesome continuing education, and have such an awesome visit an vacation with my parents and niece!!


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