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Crew Review: Time 4 Learning



Time 4 Learning is an online educational website that offers curriculum for preschool, elementary and middle school, and high school students.  The multimedia lessons are a great way to motivate kids to learn through fun,  educational games and activities that correlate with many state standards.

We were really excited to receive a 6 month subscription to use the Grade Two lessons with Levi, and I was even more excited to find out we could access grades 1 through 3 at any time from the same screen.

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Wow, where to start?!?! This website is amazing in the amount of educational content it offers, as well as the organizational tools and record keeping for parents.

For $19.95/ student per month (with additional students $14.95 per month), Pre-K through 8th grade students have access to Language Arts and Reading, Math, Social Studies and Science on their level, at their own pace.  There are also high school level courses with a subscription price of $30/month for 4 courses that you choose.

The program is self grading and keeps records to view and/or print out as needed. The parent has an individual login to the parent administration section where they can see each student’s profile and progress, print records, schedule and adjust lessons, print out worksheets and answer guides,and join a parent community forum to gain ideas and support. They even have an educational newsletter for additional support and encouragement!

So how does it work?

After creating an individual account for your child with his own password, he will login on the appropriate login screen which is divided into lower level (Pre-K -3rd), upper level (4th-8th), high school (9th-12th) and parent administration (account).

Once logged in, the student can choose which subject to work on: Language Arts, LA Extensions, Math, Science (for 1st through 6th grade) or Social Studies (for 2nd through 7th grade).

After choosing the subject, the subject further divides into categories, then into individual lessons.  These are easy to navigate, because as the child clicks through the sequence of options, there is an arrow that “bookmarks” where the child last left off.  After a lesson has been completed, there is a check mark with “completed” marked over the icon.  Even though the lesson has been completed, any lesson can be repeated at any time if desired.

The lessons build on each other according to advancing skill level, but any lesson can be accessed at any time,  even moving down a grade or up to the next grade.  This accommodates all learning levels to help build self esteem and confidence whether the student needs remediation, more review, or a more advanced challenge.  It also accommodates learning at different grade levels for different subjects.

The animated, interactive activities are multi-sensory for auditory, visual and tactile learners.  The lessons and activities change skills and learning modalities often enough to hold the focus, attention and interest of the student.  At the end of each section is a quiz to help the parent assess what the student is learning. Of course, as with any testing procedure, the parent will be able to go back and go over the test (or just sit with the student when he takes it) to discuss the questions for interpretation and further learning. (Tests can sometimes in themselves be an issue separate from the actual material being tested.)

There are worksheets to print off with many of the activities which are wonderful additions for reinforcement and offer more opportunity for discussion and understanding of the material.

You can see a 60 second video tour of the program, and Time 4 Learning  also offers an online demo so you can experience for yourself all the amazing things it has to offer!

Time 4 Learning at Gunn Ranch Academy

Levi LOVES computer programs. We’ve tried several, and he actually used the Pre-K Time 4 Learning program a few years back and really liked it.

Levi’s learning at this age has been all over the place, and while I don’t feel a “standard” at this age is totally reliable or even totally necessary, it is nice to have access to three different grade levels of activities to meet his needs where he is at.

His reading has progressed much differently than with my older two, and while we have used a huge variety of different programs, I am so happy to see that he is able to use the Grade Two reading program just fine, as well as the math program.

For Language Arts/ Reading, the LA lessons, which on grade 2 level are phonics, fluency and competency started with a review of a,e,i,o,u which he understands well. The skills he worked through in chapter one covered high frequency words, identifying vocabulary words,  understanding story elements (main characters in this chapter) and writing.  There are 9 chapters of LA activities, and he is currently working in the second chapter.  Somedays he sits down and clicks through several activities of the lesson and somedays his attention and focus only allow for one activity. Sometimes he will go back and play a “game” over and over within one activity.  There are a total of 210 activities in this section of the Grade 2 program.

I love the LA extension part of the program. It is divided into 22 chapters for a total of 315 activities. Each chapter is divided into two sections. One section has a thematic content with a story and comprehension/vocabulary./ reading activities. The first one Levi worked on was all about spiders. The stories repeat and some read to the child and then progress where the child can read the stories alone. In the first section the child was able to have to story read in each activity if unable to read it alone.  The second part of chapter one covers sounds, letters and amp words and has learning activities for segmenting and blending in chapter one.  Many of these have worksheets to print off for practice.There are quizzes at the end of each section as well as a test at the end of the chapter.

I wasn’t sure where Levi would be in Math, because I tend more towards the classical approach of hands on math at this age.  Last year near the end of the year we did review a traditional 1st grade math program, but didn’t work diligently through every activity since he had a good grasp on the concepts we were covering. I was happy to see that Levi understood and has worked well through the Time 4 Learning 2nd grade Math.

Levi  LOVES science, and I am so glad science and social studies are additions to the program, as he always wants to do those first and spends a lot of extra time working through those subjects. I love that we can print out sheets such as the life cycle, food chain, and pond habitats for Levi to work through. There are 21 science activities for the three chapters included in the 2nd grade level.

For the social studies section, there are 23 activities divided into 4 chapters. He has continued to identify “wants and needs” throughout our day for a few weeks now since we covered that section. 🙂 He is currently enjoying learning about maps and globes, symbols and directions, which is pretty much a review for him but he really loves.

I can definitely anticipate us moving on into the 3rd grade science and social study lessons this year. (My plans are to continue our subscription beyond our 6 month review and pay per month through the spring of this school year.)

The organization of the whole program is absolutely perfect. He can navigate the screens on his own without frustration and its motivated to learn and progress, which, in my book, deserves a BIG GOLD STAR. 🙂

I really like to sit with him and watch what he is doing, but after a few weeks with the program he is more than capable of sitting on his own and working with it while I work on school with another child.  The worksheets offer him more to work on independently which is another big plus in my book.

Another aspect I love about Time 4 Learning is that my older girls can sit with Levi and work on it when I am at work. Since he is able to work fairly independently now, they can still do their own work and just be available for questions or when he gets stuck. (But more times than not they sit with him while he’s doing it which gives great interaction and motivation to learn!!)

This program could certainly be used as a foundation for homeschool learning. I can see it being a great addition to any style of homeschooling whether you like unit studies, basic textbook-style learning, classical, and certainly eclectic style learning. It is a great way to expose students to a wide variety of skills and cover a large variety of educational subjects. It is also a great help in understanding the testing process while being able to minimize stress and frustration which will help them as they advance on into their upper level studies and necessary testing procedures.

My high school student and I are currently considering the high school subjects for supplement.  It looks like a very exciting prospect to help meet high school credit requirements!

The fun, interactive, multisensory lessons, rich content, user-friendly format,  easy parent administration area, and reasonable subscription price make Time 4 Learning a jewel in our educational  treasure box!

Check out the website for the incredibly vast scope and sequence Time 4 Learning covers in each subject, and be sure to read about my Crew Mates’ adventures with Time 4 Learning by clicking on the banner!


Enjoy Your Journey!


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2 thoughts on “Crew Review: Time 4 Learning

  1. My DD used the Upper Level program through 8th grade and really liked it. Sounds your Levi had a great time too. I liked that T4L did all the record keeping for me.

    My DD started high school last year and we more or less muddled through, so we were thrilled when they offered high school courses this year. I have her signed up for English II, Algebra I, Biology, World History, and Economics/Personal Finance. So far so good.

    Best wishes to you this year.


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