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Texas 4-H Equine Ambassadors

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I posted before about Morgan attending Equine Ambassador training, so wanted to update on that.

She and another 4-Her from our county attended the 5 day training and had an amazing time.

They spent hours upon hours learning about every aspect of the horse industry; went on field trips to many farms and ranches, heard from a huge variety of speakers from nutritionists to breeders to veterinarians to experts on public speaking and marketing.

I am just BLOWN AWAY by the amount of material they covered, and retained.

They each received a flash drive FULL of all types of equine publications as well a power point presentations they can give, binders full of information, very nice embroidered polo shirts, and a fancy gold Texas Agrilife Extension Equine Ambassador name tag.

Morgan was so excited to have met so many experts in the field and I was just so grateful that there were so many adult who respected these kids enough to let the talk and learn and ask questions, and who were willing to spend time getting to know them and teaching them.

4-H is just such an amazing program as a whole, and this is just another example of one of the many wonderful things it has to offer.

Morgan is a brilliant communicator, and was asked to represent the Equine Ambassador program as well as 4-H as a whole by attending  TX legislature meetings to speak, as well as possibly Washington DC if the opportunity and funding come about.  I am so very proud of my girl!!

After they got home they had a motivational book to read and write an essay on, and then they received a 200 question test they had to take and submit before they could  be true ambassadors and begin their 40 hours speaking and promotional engagements.  She did great on her essay and passed her exam with flying colors, so she is ready to rock and roll!

Morgan is excited to begin sharing all the things the 4-H Horse Project has to offer, and continue helping to start up new teams and projects in the county and maybe even the state. This is such an AWESOME opportunity for her leadership skills to shine through!!


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