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Texas 4-H Equine Amabassador Program

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Last year I started spending some time on the computer digging up more opportunities for the girls in leadership and training in their areas of interest.

I found a cool program that was in it’s very first year, but it was too late to register for the current training. So I waited for it to come up again during the schoolyear and in March it was time to register.

Our county extension agent is wonderful about finding great stuff for the kids who desire more, and just as I printed out the info to take her she had emailed me the link. Great minds think alike.

So when it was time to apply, Morgan worked on the application and got Barbie to send her letter of recommendation, and then we waited.

We didn’t hear back during the period of time they had said we would, so we thought maybe Morgan hadn’t been accepted until one night very, very late Morgan came running and screaming into my room after receiving the email accepting her into the program.

I texted Barbie (our extension agent) very late, and she was happy to hear. She said she had received a list the middle of the month with the applicants and it was a very long list!

We soon found out that another JWC 4-Her and friend, Shelby, had been accepted as well!

So more waiting, and finally the time has come to drive the girls 8 hours to the training. Thankfully there are two going so I will be taking them up and Shelby’s grandma will be picking them up. 🙂

So what is this exciting time all about?

Well, you can see a great video explaining it on the Texas 4-H tamu website.

Also from the website:

The mission of Texas 4-H Equine Ambassador program is to provide 4-H members the opportunity to develop and practice advanced leadership skills related to mentoring other youth, and to become advocates for the equine industry in Texas.

The program is open to all Texas 4-H members ages 14-17 with at least one full year of 4-H eligibility remaining.  Selection will be based on application and recommendation letters.  Recommendation by an adviser is required with application.  Ownership of a horse is NOT a requirement or a part of the selection criteria.

The Texas 4-H Equine Ambassador Program is designed as an in-depth learning experience for selected youth to represent the equine industry in Texas.  Training includes a short course experience in the most heavily populated horse industry area of Texas.  During this four-day training, more than 30 hours of rigorous instruction by university faculty, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Specialists, and County Extension Agents cover topics such as leadership, career development, horse care and training philosophies and Horse Industry advocacy.  Youth also learn the value of giving back to the community.  Below are objectives of the Texas 4-H Equine Ambassador program:

  • Prepare youth to serve in leadership capacities in horse projects and programs across Texas.
  • Prepare youth for the experience of the university setting, through intensive science based instruction and experiences.
  • Prepare and provide opportunities for youth to serve in advocacy roles for the Equine Industry, 4-H, and the horse programs.
  • Develop a heightened awareness of career opportunities in the equine industry and advocacy.

Texas 4-H members selected to serve as a Texas 4-H Equine Ambassador are required to commit at least thirty (30) hours of service annually helping educate other 4-H’ers about their horse project as well as interpreting the positive aspects of horses in our society. The program is designed for motivated youth desiring to enhance their knowledge and skills of the equine industry and agriculture, develop leadership as well as to share their knowledge with others. Equine Ambassadors will be expected to use the knowledge and skills learned from the training to help others in their local 4-H clubs and beyond.  An accountability system will be in place for equine ambassadors to record their service hours and acts.

Just thought I’d explain what we are so excited about!

The girls will check in this Sunday at noon, and be spending some amazing time learning this week!

Stay tuned for updates on how it all went once Morgan returns, and for updates throughout our 4-H year old her service an a Texas 4-H Equine Ambassador!

Enjoy Your Journey!





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