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Jim Wells County 4-H Awards

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Saturday, August 3, 2013 was a time to recognize all the hard work the wonderful kids of Jim Wells County 4-H have done over the 2012-2013 4-H year, and also welcome the new officers for the 2013-14 year.

The first picture is of the individual awards given to 4-Hers at each age level- Junior, Intermediates, and Seniors. The 4-Hers are considered for these awards by completing a record book and being invited to an interview, among other things.

Here are the recipients of our Outstanding Junior, Intermediate and Senior awards, Bronze Star, Silver Star, Gold Star, I Dare You Award, Hall of Fame, and Helping Hands award, with some of our 4-H recipients not present.  Morgan won the Gold Star award and Taylor won the I Dare You Award.

The 4-Hers also receive awards for the amount of points they earned during the year being involved in various activities, called Incentive Awards. The first level of points is awarded a t-shirt, the next level is a portfolio, then a briefcase, then a duffle bag and the highest level of points is a jacket or hoodie. The prizes have beautiful Jim Wells County 4-H embroidery on them, and the jackets have “High Point” and their name as well.

Morgan and Taylor received jackets and had the 3rd and fourth highest amount of points earned, only coming in below the outstandingly competitive Gehbert brothers! This is an outstanding group of young people!!

The 4-Hers who completed record books receive pins for the main project their record book focused on.

Morgan and Taylor both received Horse project pins and their two year pins (this is only the second year we have done record book.) I must also mention that both Taylor and Morgan’s record books won 1st at county level, advanced to District where Taylors received a blue ribbon award and Morgan’s won 1st at District, then advancing to State level, Morgan’s record book won 4th place! Outstanding! Another of our seniors, Brianna, also advanced to State and won 9th place! Great job JWC!

Here, the new officers for the upcoming year get their pins:

Thomas-President, David– 1st Vice President, Taylor– 2nd Vice President, Sara– District Delegate, Kyleigh– Secretary, and Morgan– Treasurer

Also recognized were businesses, parents, volunteers, and other friends of 4-H.

During the potluck meal, our hardworking extension agent Barbie played a slideshow of all the pictures of kids and events throughout the year. And lastly, Barbie gave a heartfelt farewell to our graduating seniors, along with a tearful slideshow.

Afterwards was a dance and time to socialize with our friends.

It was a lovely evening!

Congratulations to all of our ambitious 4-H kids, y’all are what being a teenager is all about.

Keep on making the best better!


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