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Crew Review: Brainfood- The Fascinating World of Insects

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BrainFood Learning is a little company founded by a mom and dad who decided to take it upon themselves to create the educational and entertaining videos they were searching for for their young children and couldn’t find.
“The Fascinating World of…” videos were born, and so far three titles are available. These videos are suitable for all ages as they are bright and colorful enough for toddlers, yet informative and challenging enough to capture the attention of a 13 year old.

For review we were blessed with The Fascinating World of Insects DVD which can be purchased for $14.99.

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Once the menu is brought up, you can choose to watch it straight through or click on individual insects for viewing. There is also a review section with flash cards, and quizzes that plays after the complete section of insects, or you can click on it individually, which makes it nice to go back and review anytime, or skip initially to go back and complete later on if you are working it as a unit study or with the lesson plans. Oh yes, you read that right. There are free  lesson plans developed for each video that can be used along with them!

The insects included in this video are the grasshopper, ladybug, rhino beetle, firefly, mosquito, honey bee, water strider, ant, praying mantis, dragonfly, and butterfly.

The beautiful close up photography is absolutely amazing. Nothing is left to the imagination here, you can visualize everything right down to the antennae!! The live action video of each insect in its natural habitat, from metamorphosis to bees making their honey is really amazing. The sound quality is outstanding as well, with clear voices and wonderful background music.

The quizzes are engaging and a perfect complement to the videos for older children, and the flash cards are equally as engaging for younger kids. Kids of all ages will come away from this video knowing the parts of the insect, and many new vocabulary terms without even trying.  There are so many different educational facets to this video, yet it is beautiful and fun to watch! The viewers won’t even know they are learning!

Gunn Ranch Academy BrainFood

I usually save my Thumbs Up for the end of this section, but I just gotta start out with two thumbs up from everyone at our house for this video! All three kiddos asked if we could get the others!

Yep, it’s that good. Between the beautiful photography and the live footage, this is one of the best quality videos we own.

Each insect is discussed in detail and the review is even a fun way to put it all together.

I was surprised at the information my 7 year old retained. The very first time we watched the video all the way through the end of the review questions, and he sat with me and answered them all right to the end and only missed a few! I even learned some new terminology myself!

Of course, like all videos, this one has been played over and over and over since we got it.

Levi’s favorite parts are hard to list because he really loves the whole video, but he says he really liked seeing the honey bees (because he wants to start beekeeping for his 4-H project) and seeing the water strider on the water.

Last year we started a study of insects, and Levi has said he wants to be an entomologist for a few years now, so this was really up his alley. I love that this video appealed to him at 7, yet he was able to take away some amazing facts and vocabulary that he can use for many years to come, whether he becomes an entomologist, or just keeps it as a hobby.

These videos would make wonderful unit studies on their own, or would be a perfect  addition to science programs. They would be wonderful in daycares, and very entertaining if you are babysitting or have young nieces and nephews over for a visit!

Of course I always love products that span several age groups. These certainly do that, and won’t bore Mom and Dad when they are played over and over (at least the first several times, LOL).

These would also make great gifts for birthdays, new families on the block, teachers, homeschool families (of course), co-ops, day-cares, the list could go on and on.

I can honestly say if you have read this far in my review, you will probably just wanna go ahead and order all three videos when you make your order. My kids can’t wait for the other two to arrive!

For more BrainFood Learning DVD reviews, click on over to our Crew Blog!


Enjoy Your Journey!

Dr. Chris

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