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Texas State 4-H Horse Show

For our busy 4-H family, this year has been like a freight train.

We’ve ventured some new, un-chartered territories, and expanded our horizons.

But with so many adventures, the horse project is still our favorite focus.

From trail riding, to welcoming a new colt, to training new disciplines, to leading kids who have never had the chance to ride a horse, to winning at State level with a horse educational presentation, this year has been a phenomenal horse year!!

Wrapping up the year was our participation at the State 4-H Horse Show.

Yep, we knew there were very expensive, “big name” people and horses there.

Yep, we knew their show clothes would outshine ours.

Yep, we knew the living quarter trailers would line the parking lot.

But we also knew that nobody in the horse world has a bigger heart or love for their horses than the Gunn girls, so off we went.

Sometimes it’s bittersweet to see what my 13 year old can accomplish with her pasture pony. I have been in awe at the time and dedication she has taken to work with a 20+ year old grumpy pony. To her, his worth is priceless.

I have just cried inside, and trembled at the sight of my beautiful, accomplished daughter enter the show ring on her short little black beauty that she has spent hours upon hours washing and brushing,  braiding and body clipping.

The pony is almost unrecognizable, and the girl?  Nothin 2 Prove.

She doesn’t care what the other girls on their big expensive horses think of her or her pony. She rides proud, and does her best.

Her deepest desire is to fan the flame and learn more and more.  To make every ride, every performance, every show better than the last. She has relished the time spent with her new coach, and has spent more and more hours working with what she has.

I’m so proud of her, and my prayers are that I can find a more advanced competitive horse that she can continue to grow and learn with.

But in the meantime, even as I write this blog post, she stands outside the window on the porch washing and grooming her love.  Tonite we will load up and head to a friend’s arena with all four horses to practice barrels and horsemanship skills.

Our next adventure will be our County Fair horse show, which will be Morgan’s  colt’s first halter show .  Both girls have also been working and working to improve Showmanship skills, as well as Taylor working with her paint mare on speed events.  Levi is not old enough to show, but has been working on his horsemanship skills as well, and has gotten comfortable at a trot. Hours and hours of time to make their best…better.

I didn’t get great pictures at the show, but here are some of my favorites that my good friend Andrea took:









Whatever you do, where ever you go, make your best better!

Enjoy Your Journey,