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Happy Independence Day (with a visit from a dear friend!)

Well folks, it’s July already!

This particular holiday is a special one because we have a very special visitor from Maryland.

Let me explain! When we very first started homeschooling, we had just moved to Maryland after my husband went back into the Army as a medic. His first duty station was Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital in Washington D.C.

We lived on base at Fort Meade, Maryland and the schools were completely unacceptable. I had researched homeschooling and God had laid it on my heart before my first child was even born, but I really could not see how I would ever manage it with a full time veterinary career.

Well, long story short, it happened.

When I first started homeschooling Morgan, she was “second grade” age. I began researching and found a homeschool group that actually met on the military base we lived on!

It wasn’t long until we had made friends, and wasted no time getting to know some awesome folks! One of our favorite families we began to hang out with a lot had three girls, very close in age to mine.  We had a lot of fun together, but before we knew it we were moving to Texas.

The 10 months we lived in Maryland seemed much longer and held so many memories! Through the years (about 8 yrs or so!) we have managed to stay in touch through pictures, phone calls, and the ever-so-amazing social media (Facebook!).

On the 3rd of July, we picked up the oldest child, Juli, from our airport. She is now 18 and a beautiful, talented young lady. We are so very blessed with this opportunity to have her stay with us on our ranch for two weeks where she is learning ranchlife, loving our crazy critter menagerie, and highly enjoying the horses and the chance to get some great photos for her photography class!

All this in addition, of course, to catching up with her long lost “cousins” and getting to know Levi whom she had never met in person.

The day after she arrived we took a trip to the beach. Yep, it was a holiday, but we found a great place on the beach to hang out at the Padre Island National Seashore.

Juli, Levi, Abi, Morgan, and Taylor

Juli, Taylor and Levi digging in the sand for little sand critters 🙂

Levi buried Juli in the sand 🙂

Then Levi was buried:


Can’t wait for the rest of the family to visit!

Homeschool friendships last a lifetime!!