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Texas A&M Horse Judging Camp

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This is Morgan’s third year and Taylor and Kaitlyn’s second year to attend the Texas A&M Horse Judging Camp.

Every year the college’s horse judging team and world famous coach along with other Horse Department faculty and professors put together a wonderful three day teaching camp for kids 12 to 18. Anyone can attend, but most of the kids are 4-H or FFA Horse judgers. They have beginning/ intermediate and advanced sessions in performance, halter and reasons.

Morgan learned so much the first year and loved it so much that she couldn’t wait to take her sister and friends back to meet the team and learn from Dr Cavinder himself and other instructors and team members. The camp is three days of fun and learning, and the last day they have a competition to help concrete those things they learned in stone. They give cool prizes to the top three in beginners and top three in advanced levels and the first year Morgan won second in beginner level taking home a cool little aluminum TX A&M water bottle.

Last year Kaitlyn took first in beginner and won a neat A&M  luggage bag.

This year Morgan won first place in the advanced division and won a cool A&M rolling duffle bag! She was really surprised, as this camp has over 70 kids- the biggest she has attended.

Morgan has learned so much from the coaches and team that she took a lot of the info to put together her Horse Educational Presentations for State and won second last year with her judging performance presentation and first place overall this year with her presentation on judging an equine halter class. She cited and recommended the camp as an excellent learning opportunity and referenced a lot of the material as well as Dr. Cavinder’s teaching.

During the three day camp, they have opportunities to take campus tours, do some shopping for A&M swag,  and do some off-time activities like swimming as well.

Tayt and Kaitlyn got to stay in a room together in the dorms just like last year while Morgan roomed with another texas girl and some girls from out of state. One was from Minnesota and the other Oregon. This camp is getting pretty popular out there, and is well worth it for kids interested in horse judging! Morgan really enjoyed getting to know some other judgers and making new friends. She was excited to get to spend some time with a friend she met the first year at camp and has stayed in touch with since and visited with at many of the competitions.

Morgan, Dr. Cavinder, Kaitlyn and Taylor

Taylor giving reasons:

Morgan giving reasons:

Kaitlyn giving reasons:


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