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Crew Review: Memoria Press Geography I

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Since we have a Classical flare at Gunn Ranch Academy, Memoria Press is a company we love. Their philosophy can best be described as a Classical Christian Education.

We’ve used several of their products in the past, and with Taylor’s love for Geography we were thrilled to have the opportunity to review their Geography I Curriculum, designed for grades 4-8. (Taylor has just completed the 7th grade and will be turning 13 in July.)

For review we received the Geography I student text, workbook, teacher guide, and two additional books: The United States student workbook and teacher key, quizzes and tests. These retail for $48.00 for the set.

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This Geography program is designed to coordinate with a classical education, covering the area that constituted the ancient Roman Empire: The Middle East, Europe and North Africa. While it follows a classical Christian philosophy of teaching, it is perfect for anyone wanting to study geography and really learn something besides memorizing boring names and dates.

The study is presented by region with each short lesson covering both past and present material and ideas. The “History Headlines” and “Tour of Today” compare and contrast ancient Roman and Greek lands and culture with our modern world countries and capitals.

I LOVE the way this book is organized into small reading sections and summaries. The text is brought to life with interesting facts, present day to Biblical times, even relating Biblical stories and ancient people to the modern day countries being studied. There are not only interesting facts about people and places, but the environment, weather and climate, jobs, income, everyday life, surroundings, possessions, homes, and much more from ancient to present day. Everything and more you would expect to find in a Geography study without being dry and boring, or overwhelming. And maps? Yep, they are there. The contrast and comparison really brings this curriculum to life, making it interesting and very memorable!

The workbook was a BIG PLUS for my daughter. While I understand many kids don’t like workbooks, mine asks for them. She LOVES to be able to record and “work on” the facts and figures she is learning. This is her “hands-on” way of remembering things; if she writes it (often drawing pictures), then she remembers it.

The United States books were an added bonus and come with the program because the student would have ordinarily covered the US Geography in the Memoria Press core studies. They are really nice for review or even for a wonderful outline to teach through the US States and Capitals.

You can see many samples of the pages of the text, the table of contents and the workbook pages over on the product page on the website. It only took one look at these samples and I was wanting the curriculum to read through for myself!! LOL, yep, I’m a homeschool mom who learns alongside my kids, and I get pretty excited about the same stuff they do!

Our Geography Adventure

My 7th grader requested at the beginning of our year to study geography. While she has enjoyed the intense High School level Geography course she is studying, I do so wish I would have found this awesome Geography I program sooner!! It’s really amazing how the organization of a page and the fun facts and well-put together text can really grab a student’s attention and draw them right into learning.

I’ve found the simplicity, yet amazing quality of the products of Memoria Press to be a delight, and the affordability is really just the icing on the cake.

As I mentioned before, Taylor really likes to use workbooks. When I looked at it, I wasn’t sure she’d enjoy as much writing of names of places as this one required, but she really does like filling it all in. She especially loves doing the map work and completing the map pages. I think she likes the sense of accomplishment of the finished page!

Each section of text is only one or two pages long and “chapters” are short, so it’s really easy for her to complete reading a chapter in a day or two and then work on the coordinating workbook  pages the next. She let me know when she was ready for tests, but pretty much worked on the whole thing independently (since she is in Jr. High we are moving towards independence and I pretty much let her schedule her own studies as long as she is moving forward through her materials).

This study is extremely easy to use as independent study because of the way it is divided up into short lessons and sections. You can glance at the Table of Contents to make an easy lesson plan by pages and coordinate workbook pages and tests just as easily.

There are also some really cool full color flags in the back of the text that go along with the study.

We looked through the United States workbooks and did a short review but haven’t really gone through them in any extent because Taylor was really excited to get started with the Geography I books.

She definitely wants to go through them, taking her time to go back through the US in a detailed review and really likes the layout of the books for review purposes.

I have learned quite a lot of fun facts myself about countries I really didn’t know a lot about from just reading through the text pages and looking over what Taylor has completed.

This Geography curriculum comes highly recommended by myself and my almost 13 year old daughter. I will be using it for my son when he is old enough, and my High School daughter will also be reading through it when Taylor is finished for information.

Memoria Press has many remarkable products, curriculum, supplemental materials, as well as an online academy.

Memoria Press also has an awesome catalog called The Classical Teacher which not only features the fabulous products they sell, but also contains articles, hints and tips on classical education. I’ve been receiving this great little free resource for a few years now and love reading through it!

The website itself is also a wealth of information and support, and very well designed and easy to navigate, just like their products!

As always, click on over to our blog to see my crew mates’ adventures with this and other Memoria Press products!


Enjoy You Journey,


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