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Texas State Roundup is here!

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2013 Texas 4-H Roundup

This is my first update on the 2013 Texas 4-H State Roundup tonight. The kids took off yesterday, arriving in College Station yesterday and up bright and early this morning for their first competition.

Ag Product ID is a new competition to the Roundup this year, and consists of multiple choice questions identifying a Texas Agricultural product (limited to edible: produce, meats, dairy, grains, in this particular competition) and then answering one additional multiple choice question about that product which can be anything about the industry, season of harvest, amount harvested, or the crop or product itself.

We had one senior team and two intermediate teams competing.

Our Intermediates did such an amazing job, they actually received first place team and second place team!!! We had the top place and second place individual intermediates as well! The first place Intermediate is one of our sweet (and smart!!) friends Elise Hesseltine, congrats Elise!!

My “adopted” daughter and Taylor’s twin bestie Kaitlyn Hessek (not taking anything away from her awesome momma!) was the second overall intermediate!!! Congrats Kaitlyn!!

Our senior team placed 4th overall, and we had the second overall top senior individual, Thomas Bowman, and Morgan placed 5th overall senior!!

The top three winners in each competition get to “walk the stage”, so I’m sure Jim Wells County was firing up that stage tonight! So proud of them!!

Here’s our Ag Id Kids with coach Rogelio:

Left to right: Ryan, Taylor, Kaitlyn and Erin were the second place intermediate team,

Elise, Ashlyn, Chance and Jake (sorry if I switched these guys are twins!!) were the first place intermediate team!!!

Seniors Isaac (behind the sign :)), Morgan and Thomas, then coach Rogelio.

Awesome way to start the roundup! As I am typing this they are at a big kickoff party/celebration.

Tomorrow will be Horse Judging for Morgan, Logan, Shelby and Sheri and some other competitions for our other kiddos.

Good Luck JWC Horse Judging Team!!



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