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Crew Review: Let’s Make a Webpage

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Motherboard Books is a company we were introduced to several years ago when we were blessed with the opportunity to review Let’s Make a Web Page.

My oldest daughter loved this 60 page e-book which led her through the steps to creating her very own webpage.

When the opportunity came back around for my current 12 year old she was very excited to create her own webpage as well!

This program is designed for 8-12 year olds, and older ones like my daughter (who will turn 13 next month) can use it completely on their own after an adult downloads the free trial software Coffee Cup HTML Editor necessary to complete the program. Instructions on how and where to do this are built right into the e-book.

The e-book includes 10 lessons along with an introduction and note to parents on internet safety and a section on uploading to the internet.

  1- An Interview
  2- Download and Set Up the Program
  3- Add Text
  4- Make a Table
  5- Add Photo
  6- From the Internet, Add Animations
  7- Browser Check, Backgrounds, Photos
  8- Sound
  9- Links
  10- Post Your Work
Appendix: How to Upload to the Internet

The webpage is based on an interview with a person the child knows and it builds from there.

There are many screenshots to look at so the child knows exactly what to do and what it should look like. This is a super user-friendly format!!

The cost of this e-book is $19.95 and can be purchased on the website.

Let's Make a Web Page logo photo motherboardbooks-letsmakeawebpage_zpsc51e735a.png

Our experience with Let’s Make a Webpage was absolutely remarkable the first time around. My oldest daughter made a great little webpage and had no problems at all with the Coffee Cup software. She really enjoyed using it.

This time around, however, our software didn’t work as it should have.

I downloaded it, which took quite some time because of our crazy country internet (which I will be discontinuing and getting a new wireless company this summer. Hallelujah!)

The e-book format was very easy to work with as Taylor could just click the icon right on our desktop to open it up.

Taylor did work through the steps of her interview, and began working with the software, but day after day she said it kept deleting her work, and she started over several times. She also had problems with error pages coming up, and other glitches in the program but continued to try and work through it. I didn’t actually realize she was having as much trouble as she was with it since she kept working on it, and thought she was making progress because she just kept trying and trying to make it work. Once she said she just couldn’t continue I told her I’d take a look at it.

The day I sat down to try and figure it out, the trial of the software was up.

I knew I couldn’t have deleted and re-downloaded the trial software anyway at the beginning since it is only a one-time trial.

I read through the e-book and the computer lady lists two more free programs that can be downloaded and used, but she says are less user-friendly.

My bandwidth capacity hasn’t been able to handle anymore downloads during this review period (we’ve been slowed down for most of the past several weeks), but once I get our new internet up and running I am planning to try and figure out one of the other programs listed to use with this e-book. Once I see if I can get it up and running myself I will let Taylor try and continue to make her webpage. She was quite aggravated that she didn’t get to complete it, and really wants to try and see if she can. Hopefully I’ll be able to add a link to a finished product in the next couple of months.

I can definitely recommend this program even with our bad luck this go-around because my older daughter created a wonderful webpage and didn’t have any trouble using the software on our old computer before we moved a few years ago.

Computer education is really important for our younger kids these days. My daughter really wanted to use the Logo Adventures program that some of my Crew Mates were blessed to review, so be sure to read their experiences and check out all of the other great products over at Motherboard Books!

Enjoy your journey,



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