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Crew Review: Birdcage Press Wild Cards

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Birdcage Press is another of those delightful Mom-developed companies created by a Mom trying to make learning more fun and meaningful for her three young kids. In 2000, her and her creative kiddos published their first set of kid-tested, kid-approved products which immediately started winning some well-deserved awards.

Among the wide selection of art, history, nature and wildlife and air and space games and books, which are sold in museums, toy stores, and gift and book stores worldwide, we were blessed to receive Wild Cards: Baby Animals Around the World.

This cardgame/book set for ages 6+ includes 36 beautifully illustrated, thick and sturdy fact/picture cards and a 28 page fact book including animals from the 5 continents and polar regions. It retails for $10.95.

Wild Cards - Baby Animals Around the World photo Birdcage-wildcardsbabyanimals_zps7f8bf6b3.jpg

This card/book set can be used to nurture learning skills such as memory, concentration, reading, visual processing, categorization and strategic thinking.

The cards are just beautiful and feature

*a polar bear from the far North

*an elephant from Africa

*a sloth from South America

*an Emperor Penguin from the Antarctic

This fabulous set has received these awards:

2012 Top Fun Game of the Year



2010 Parents’ Choice Silver Award




…as well, of course, as the Gunn Ranch Academy Top Card Game award by Levi. 😉


If your kids love playing card games as much as mine do, you’ll feel like you hit the jackpot when you click over to the website!! It’s just full of really cool cards and games and books to make learning fun! From air and space to art, nature and wildlife to history, there are tons of crazy-cool, award winning products to be discovered, and I promise your kids will thank you for them!

Our Baby Animal Wild Card Adventures

We have used these awesome cards to play versions of Old Maid and Levi’s favorite, Go Fish. We’ve enjoyed reading the facts on the cards and looking through the fact book with our globe to see where these animals live. Of course we just love baby animals, so we have also taken the opportunity to look up more pictures of these baby animals on the internet!

He has several more sets of Wild Cards on his wish list as well as some of the other sets he discovered on the website.

I will certainly be taking advantage of these to add interest and fun to our studies. What better way to learn than to have hands-on fun doing it?

There are some absolutely phenomenal looking ART products over there too!!

These will make amazing gifts for my kids as well as for others, and I’m delighted to have discovered this wonderful company.

Be sure to click the banner below and read about my crewmates’ adventures with this and other cool products from Birdcage Press!!

Enjoy your journey!



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