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Crew Review: Art Class!!!


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Would you like to bring a Master Artist into your home to teach art to your kids?


Then you should meet Master Artist Pat Knepley over at See The Light!

She has some absolutely phenomenal art instruction products to offer for all ages, and we were blessed with the opportunity to review one from her Art Projects line called Paper Jungle which retails for $14.99.

Great for kids 10 and up, Paper Jungle contains four step-by-step video lessons to create a 3-D paper collage in the style of French artist Henri Rousseau.  Each lesson is 22 to 27 minutes long, but you need about an hour per lesson to complete the project. Interwoven throughout the lessons you will find art history, art terminology and techniques, and Bible stories and scriptures. Instructor Pat Knepley is just the art teacher you’ve been looking for!!

Gunn Ranch Academy’s Paper Jungle Adventure

   All of my kids LOVE to create all kinds of art, and when I showed Taylor all of the Art Projects offered by See the Light she wanted them all! But alas, we decided to begin with Paper Jungle.

Taylor loves to participate in Storyboarding in 4-H, and we thought that Paper Jungle would be very useful to learn some new techniques to help her create future storyboards.

We had gathered all of the materials we needed before our DVD arrived except the green scrapbooking paper. (You can find a list of materials needed for each of the Art Projects in the description on the website so that you can go ahead and have the items on hand for when your dvd arrives!)  Since we didn’t need the green scrapbooking paper until the second lesson, Taylor went ahead and dove into the project the day after our dvd arrived. Of course she couldn’t wait to continue her project the next day, so we visited the craft store to purchase our variety of green paper that evening, which was a pretty fun adventure in itself! She was excited to choose different tones and shades and textures and ended up with a wonderful variety of green scrapbooking paper to work with.

Taylor continued to work on her project to completion in the next few days with 7 year old Levi helping and watching her.  She told me that she really enjoyed the art instruction because the instructor was very descriptive and gave lots of great art tips. She also gave some interesting history of  the artist Henri Rousseau and his time period and culture, and actually illustrated and described many artistic techniques and art terms so that she could understand and remember them.  She liked how the dvd was a conversational style and the teacher talked to the students and told many stories that tied in with the lesson. She said that Pat Knepley is one of the best teacher’s she’s had the pleasure to learn from.

I was very impressed with Taylor’s completed project. I watched the four lessons myself after Taylor had completed her project because I wanted her fresh opinion.  I was equally as impressed with the lessons, and began to identify with the things Taylor was telling me, and realizing what she was describing. This was a fun way to review this product for me, and gave me a very real opinion that this series of dvd’s is a perfect way to give independent study to your child. Pat shares many Bible stories and scriptures along the way as well as subtle character lessons. The art history of Henry Rousseau was taught and interwoven throughout the lessons making it a great hands-on way to learn.

I love the quality of the filming and the eye appeal of the setup. The black background, crisp artwork illustration and attention to detail made the step-by-step direction really easy to follow. The enthusiasm of the instructor and her love for art and teaching definitely shows through!

I can, with great confidence and enthusiasm recommend these See the Light Art Projects to homeschoolers and anyone who loves to have quality art instruction as well as fun projects for your children to do in your home! These would make AMAZING summer projects as well as great co-op or group projects.

I can’t wait to add more of these awesome projects to our schooldays, and am even more excited to journey into the Bible Stories that some of my other crew mates had the opportunity to review!

Taylor has chosen, of course, Horsing Around as her next project and can’t wait to get started on another adventure when it arrives.  Stay tuned for updates of more See The Light Art Projects to come from the Gunn Ranch Art Studio!! We LOVE See The Light!

Enjoy your Journey, and don’t forget to check out my crew mates’ adventures!


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3 thoughts on “Crew Review: Art Class!!!

  1. I always love reading your reviews. I think I’m going to look into getting this for Bethany. She and Mark would enjoy doing it together. Bethany and Taylor enjoyed some drawing time here on Wed. So glad we got see Tayt. Love and miss y’all!!!!!
    Praising Him,

  2. Just looked at their web site and realized they were at TTD here in Nashville. I stopped at their booth but my brain was on overload at that point. Again, thanks for the review!!!!
    Praising Him,

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