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Crew Review: Science, Naturally!

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Our family loves science, so naturally my interest was peaked upon hearing about the company Science, Naturally! who is committed to increasing math and science literacy by creating unique products filled with interesting and intriguing facts and concepts designed to demystify and explore these important subjects.

They have many really interesting and cool looking products over at the website, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to review a little jewel called One Minute Mysteries: 65 More Short Mysteries You Solve With Science!     as members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. It  can be purchased for $9.95 over on their website. They also have samples you can check out!

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This fun little 180 page book was written by a father-daughter team who have written other books and also appeared as guests on NPR’s Science Friday! While the target age is 8-12 years of age, it can most certainly be enjoyed by older kids, grown ups, educators, and anyone who enjoys a good mystery, brain-teasers, and particularly science buffs!

The book consists of 65 mysteries. The first page is a short story, which only takes about a minute to read. After reading, the super-sleuth will use critical thinking and science knowledge to try and solve the “mystery” put forth in the story. After he has figured it out, or thinks he has, he will turn the page and read the answer. The  answers have enough detail to summarize the story and enough facts to supplement curriculum standards without being boring or overwhelming. The way these are put together make this a fun and engaging way to learn!

Of course since this book is called “More” one minute mysteries it is the second in a series of science mystery books. They also have a math mystery book that I imagine would be super fun as well!

More One Minute Mysteries at Gunn Ranch Academy

I was really excited to see this book arrive because I knew my 12 year old would just love it.  Of course she grabbed it right up and took off with it. She read through several of these and said she just couldn’t put it down! This wasn’t quite what I had in mind, because I wanted to get her first impression of the stories, but I was happy she was so enthusiastic about the experience, LOL. I went ahead and planned to read a few stories every day, three days per week when we do our “together” time with my 7 year old and 12 year old, and my 16 year old joined in some days as well.  Even though my 12 year old had read through several already, she enjoyed listening in to see how much my 7 year old could do. After he answered, she elaborated on her first impression and told us her original thoughts. We then discussed more about the given subject.

My 7 year old did enjoy this book immensely, as he has grown up with science loving sisters and parents, and could certainly answer many of the questions at least on his level. I was really surprised at the wide range of science facts that he already knows. This is a really neat tool for gauging your student’s broad understanding of science concepts as well as a wonderful springboard for discussions!! It also is a great way to detect some specific interests of your students as there are a huge variety of science topics included. My son seemed to really like the ones pertaining to botany, plants, environment as he is an avid gardener at this age. My 12 year old loved the marine and other biology-type questions just as I expected.

My 16 year nabbed this book up to read on her own as well once she sat in with us on some of the discussions.

This would make a wonderful gift for your science loving kid or relative. I think it would be a wonderful “take along” to places where you know you’ll have some time on your hands waiting like doctor’s offices, or even hotel rooms or traveling in the car if you have someone who can read without getting carsick.

I could actually even see this as a useful tool for homeschoolers to use as writing prompts or unit study ideas, and you could most certainly do experiments with many of the stories.

We LOVE this book and are looking forward to getting the first one in the series. This is a wonderful company worth investigating further!

Enjoy your Journey!



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