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4-H Rabbit Project-Building the Taj-Ma-Bunny Hall


Taylor has really enjoyed raising Californian Rabbits for the 4-H Rabbit project. She started showing two years ago. Last year after the JWC Fair in October she decided to try and breed her own show line.

She has one buck and two does.

Her first successful litter of 6 were born the first part of April.

She had been looking through a rabbit housing book I got her for Christmas and consulting with her Dad on building a new hutch for her project.

A couple weeks ago they dug all of the tools out, bought the materials and got started. (Two days into the project we got that much needed rain we had been praying for! No complaining, LOL!!)

No simple hutch if Daddy is involved; it’ll be a replica of the Taj-Ma Hall once he’s finished, so we fondly nicknamed the new bunny hutch the Taj-Ma-Bunny Hall :).

Here they are working on the project, you can see the sprinkler in the background since this was the first day of construction:

It’s practically finished now, and you just won’t believe the solid, beautiful finished product, but that will be a post for another day 🙂

Here’s a photo Taylor took of her babies when they were first opening their eyes:

Updates to follow, stay tuned!


(added 5/20/2013)

Enjoying the Journey,



2 thoughts on “4-H Rabbit Project-Building the Taj-Ma-Bunny Hall

  1. Aww! Such cute bunnies Taylor. Too fun!

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