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4-H Educational Presentations-District 12 Competition!

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I’ve been trying to get this post up for quite awhile now, but our internet has been giving us fits.

The girls attended the JWC roundup giving educational presentations in April. They both qualified for District, so we ventured off to George West on May 4th with the girls to compete at the District 12 Roundup.

Morgan gave her educational presentation entitled Placing an Equine Halter Class and did a fabulous job. She won the Horse division, and since they don’t have a lot of entries in each category, they put all of the senior presentations together for an overall “sweepstakes” award. Last year she won 3rd overall, and this year she won FIRST OVERALL!!

There was truly a LOT of great competition (we stayed and watched all of the wonderful senior presentations included some pretty dynamic public speaking presentations.)

We were both pretty surprised when her name was announced for first place overall senior!


Taylor and Kaitlyn gave an educational presentation together entitled Extreme Fun with your Equine Companion.

I was able to see this at the county level, but since I was in the senior presentations at district I didn’t get to see their presentation. Our county agent Barbie was in with them and Kaitlyn’s Mom and Dad were also with them and he got a video of it on his phone (which I still haven’t gotten a chance to see!).

News was that they did a phenomenal job, and they did have competition and won first in the Intermediate Horse category. We were also so very proud when they won third overall sweepstakes for Intermediates!! They had a tremendous amount of competition too, so they really did do an outstanding job.

We had several 4-Her’s from JWC attend District and do a wonderful job, and several of our seniors will be attending state! I’m so very proud of these kids!

This is just such a valuable and amazing opportunity for these kids to speak and teach and work together. They represent Jim Wells County in such an amazing way, and again, I’m just so very proud to be a part of these kids lives. They are definitely tomorrow’s leaders, and they all, every-single-one-of-them have the ambition and ability to change our world.

JWC 4-Hers are amazing!

Enjoy your journey!



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