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The Art of Speaking, a Valuable 4-H Experience

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I’m back to post yet another fabulous opportunity that we have taken advantage of through our amazing JWC 4-H.

Last year we participated in Roundup Educational Presentations (we had done them a couple years ago too, but got “serious” about them last year, LOL!) and had some great success and a wonderful experience.

I think it just goes without saying how very valuable speaking and teaching opportunities for kids are.  We have some amazingly talented, ambitious leaders in Jim Wells County; we are so blessed to be a part of this program and call these kids and their families our friends! These kids are a fearless and amazing team:

While many kids expand upon and continue to give the same talk year after year, Morgan and Taylor decided to present new ones.

Morgan chose Placing an Equine Halter Class as her educational presentation and did an amazing job. She is such a talented speaker and teacher!

Taylor and Kaitlyn gave an educational presentation entitled X-treme Fun with your Equine Companion.

These girls are an amazing team. We are just so very blessed that God sent us the Hessek family to be friends. They had a great time sharing all of the crazy-cool things that they do together with their horses. They didn’t really even have to practice or worry about memorizing anything because they are so used to knowing what each other thinks and says!

Here is our outstanding County Extension Agent Barbie helping the girls set up:

All of the kids did a wonderful job and have the opportunity to advance to District the first Saturday in May! Stay tuned for updates!

Enjoy Your Journey!



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