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When the News is Good…

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I know it’s not good to bury your head in the sand and pretend the world is a nice place.  I must admit that I don’t read the news like I *should* because I just cannot stand to continually read about teens in trouble, stupid people who got busted for the 15th time for the same crime, little old ladies being beaten down, old people taken advantage of, babies being abused, teenagers being kidnapped and sold into slavery,  and the worst part of the news is usually government, our jacked up healthcare, our human rights that our forefathers fought for being taken away. It just nauseates me.

I don’t care about celebrities, sorry, they are just people.

I have demanded that outside TV stay OUT of my house. It’s been a battle, because yes, I DO miss animal planet, TLC, Discovery, The History Channel.

I miss American Idol, and Duck Dynasty.

But I don’t miss the noise.

I don’t miss turning on the TV to arguing politicians, police cars at a crime scene, or ignorant people ranting and raving.

I remember my Father coming home at night, sitting in his easy-chair, turning on the lamp and reading the paper. As I got older, there was always an article he thought I “needed” to read. My Grandma used to cut out comics to share. She used to send me comics with her handwritten letters. My mom still sends me pictures, articles, and interesting tidbits from the newspaper.

I feel newspapers are soon to be a thing of the past. Kinda sad.

Sometimes I buy newspapers when I know there’s something special in there. One of those times is around fair time when the 4-H kids projects are in there.

On some occasions they feature the “good” kids instead of the ones going to jail for a drug bust.

Recently our 4-H Extension Agent went on a mission to get some more “good” stuff in the newspaper. It went like this:

I got a call from a newspaper reporter. We knew him because he has interviewed the kids before about their 4-H projects. He told me he “heard about” Morgan’s new colt project and he would like to interview her.

We interviewed with him, and then he came and took pictures of Morgan and her horses, and featured the article in the Sunday Alice 24-7. Barbie, our 4-H County Extension Agent,  also had a part in the interview, and the article showed a side of our community, our hard-working 4-h families, our teenagers, that the world needs to see.

It featured Morgan’s love for horses, her work in all aspects of her 4-H horse project from judging to training to showing and then breeding. It mentions her researching and studying the genetic aspects of breeding, and then the breeding and foaling of her new baby. It mentions her work on imprinting, and her future goals to attend college and continue to learn and share what she has learned in the industry.

My girls love being a part of 4-H; they love their animals, their ranch life, and they will tell you in a heartbeat they can’t imagine NOT having the responsibilities they have. They are hard-working, hard playing, good ole farmkids. The world needs more farmkids, and more hard-working advocates for our kids like our extension agent Barbie.

The world needs to see more of these kids. I know they are out there!

Thank you Barbie for all that you do for our kids!

Enjoy Your Journey,



One thought on “When the News is Good…

  1. Spoken from the Heart ! The same feeling we all share. Sick of Government take over, indoctrination of our youth in schools. Loss of religious freedom. The struggle today to raise our children in a healthy way blessed by God . Kids who know, and respect the meaning of all life.

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