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District 12 4-H Fashion Show and Storyboard Contest

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Saturday we loaded up our new 4-H truck 😉 to head to Edinburg for the District 12 4-H Fashion Show and Storyboard Competition.

If you didn’t catch my earlier post on the County Fashion Show, I’ll just do a brief recap. Smack dab in the middle of stock show season, horse judging and consumer decision making competition, the girls decided they really wanted to participate in the Fashion Show this year in the construction division. They had a fun (and stressful!) experience picking out patterns, designing, sewing and accessorizing formal gowns, even with the time crunch. The JWC fashion show in March was a lot of fun, and they had a little break before we went to District to compete.

As with all the other projects in 4-H, the Fashion Show is about way more than putting on a dress and modeling it in front of some judges.

They had to know the fiber content, style of their garment, and useability of the fabric, and tell about their sewing experiences. They also had to list community service, and leadership opportunities they had with their projects.

Taylor also chose to make a Storyboard, which is a really cool design project based around a central theme with sub-themes as well. This year’s theme was “Be True to Who You Are” and Dr. Seuss’ whimsical style of writing, quotations and design were a focus. We went to a workshop in February to learn about how to design and put it together, then off she went to design her masterpiece.
There are different categories for which the 4-Her can design a board with specific requirements to be met.  Taylor made her original board in the “wearable” category and received a blue ribbon at county. She was able to make another board for District in a different category since another board made by an experienced  Storyboard 4-Her was chosen to go to District in the wearable category. Taylor pulled off making a new board in the “accessory” category and really stepped it up a notch adding some things that she learned from other helpful, veteran Storyboarders. I was absolutely astounded by the finished product that she took to District! She did it completely on her own, and I didn’t even see it until it was finished and on the way out the door the morning of the competition!! She received a blue ribbon and top winner in her division! Way to go Taylor!

We had several other Jim Wells County 4-Her’s who made story boards that received top honors. I am always impressed by the hard work these kiddos do! All of the boards looked amazing!

Our JWC Fashion Show participants looked outstanding (as usual :))

These kids just never cease to amaze me at the things they accomplish as individuals, but they fit together like a puzzle as “the kids from Jim Wells County”. These are phenominal kids!

We had several with top honors, and one of our seniors will be advancing to state in June! We’ll be there to cheer you on Kristopher!

Our JWC kids and their fearless leader Barbie:

And now a picture journey of the Gunn/Hessek trio.

Taylor and Morgan “lost” their shoes shortly after they were judged. 🙂

My beautiful Morgan waiting patiently in her seat:

Taylor looking gorgeous in her peacock attire:

and another shot of her skin jewels:

Kaitlyn on the runway, looking like she’s doing the splits because they were all walking so fast I had a hard time getting pictures!!

Taylor on the runway with her very tall rhinestone studded heels:

Morgan on the runway (sorry, these are pretty blurry, but you get the idea!)

The decoration committee did an amazing job decorating the whole place in a candy theme. They made some very creative decorations, and really cute “real candy” centerpieces that were completely edible. Fun, fun!!

Morgan won a blue ribbon and reserve grand champion and alternate to state in the Senior Construction Formal category:

Taylor won a blue ribbon and Reserve Grand Champion in the Intermediate Construction Formal category:

Kaitlyn Hessek won a blue ribbon and Grand Champion in the Intermediate Buying Specialty category:

Way to go ladies! (Yep, Tayt changed into her boots and Morgan kicked those shoes off!)

Another grand adventure goes down in history! 🙂

Enjoy Your Journey!



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