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Review: Classical Academic Press Formal Logic

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Taylor and I have been working through another amazing Classical Academic Press program that we received to review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

We thoroughly enjoyed working through The Art of Argument last year, which is their informal logic program. We were really excited to venture through The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic ! The student book retails for $26.95. The study is geared for students as young as eighth grade, and would also be a wonderful curriculum for high school credit.


We also received The Discovery of Deduction Teacher’s Edition. This manual contains all of the student text, answer keys, teaching tips, and sample essays, dialogues and arguments to make learning along with your students a wonderful experience. It retails for $29.95 at the CAP website, where you can see sample chapters of both the student and the teacher’s manual. There is also a very helpful FAQ link covering common questions about Logic as well as a click-able link of suggested schedules.


While this program makes a wonderful followup to a study of the informal fallacies, it is a great stand-alone program as well.

The program is divided into 4 units with 9 chapters and a total of 45 lessons.

Each lesson starts with Points to Remember which gives a great little introduction about what is to follow. Next is a section of text, then either discussion questions, definitions, review and answer, matching, fill in the blank, explain, etc. Throughout the lessons are Dialogues with Socrates which we love. These were included in the previous study we did and we loved them!

This looks to be a very thorough study of logic and is extremely user-friendly just like the other CAP products we have used. The quality of the materials is great and it is a very well organized, put-together program.

Logic at Gunn Ranch Academy

As I said, Taylor and I worked our way through The Art of Argument: An Introduction to the Informal Fallacies. We really loved that study, and especially liked that it had DVD discussions of the lesson with teachers and students.

While the Discovery of Deduction doesn’t have DVD’s to go with it, it is basically the same format of study that Taylor is used to.

When we started the study, Taylor thought the first part of defining and explaining formal vs. informal logic, deductive vs. inductive reasoning, and categorical vs. propositional logic were very hard to comprehend and quite dry. (This is not due to the program, just the subject matter.) but the Dialogue that is included definitely helps break up the difficult subject material, and the modern examples and references definitely help.

She did enjoy reading the Apology by Plato which we printed off from an online source and she answered questions about. This helped us put the study of logic in perspective.

The next section was about history and historical figures such as Aristotle and the history of logic as it was passed down through the ages.

As we moved on into “Thinking and thinking”, it became a little less dry and a little more applicable and tangible. I’m really excited looking ahead to all of the material coming up. I still feel it is fairly difficult subject material and very in depth, which leads us to really take this slow so we can absorb it better.

There are many discussion questions that apply directly to the student’s opinion and personal experiences, making the study your own while learning the art and academics of logic.

This study feels very “academic”. It’s not your typical reading, writing and arithmetic. The classical approach to learning really offers a radically different style of learning and I love to include this academic perspective in my children’s education.

Many times logic is a subject offered at college level, but I really love the opportunity to journey through this with my kids in their jr high and high school years.

This could easily be an independent curriculum for older or more experienced students, but personally I think reading through it together is a wonderful way of covering such difficult subject matter. Plus, it really makes you feel smart, like Socrates. 🙂

Taylor and I recommend this program with four thumbs up!

We are really wanting to also go through CAP’s Argument Builder. Taylor asked if we could take a break from this formal logic after we get into it a little further to go through the Argument Builder, so we’ll just have to see where it looks like would be a good place to do that.

These logic programs really are a wonderful thing to add to any homeschool, no matter what style you choose!

Enjoy your journey!


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