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4-H Photography Contest

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The kids love to take pictures and have been taking some pretty great pictures with the new camera they got me for Christmas this year.

It isn’t a fancy camera with the long lenses and all that, it’s just a point and shoot, but it’s still a pretty nice camera and the kids all have an eye for good photos, and this gave them a good opportunity to use their creativity.

I bought the kids a book a couple of years ago when they first became interested in photography. It’s a pretty good little reference for learning the basics, and has lots of great illustrations. We will continue to work through it as the kids improve their skills.
As a matter of fact there is a section that I need to take the time to go through about managing digital images, files, etc. since we have to upload the pictures in certain sizes and formats to send on to District and State. Thankfully our amazing County Extension Agent can help us with that this time! (Thanks Barbie!)
Anyway, here is the book and link if you are interested in a great photography resource. There are lots of other kids photography books on Amazon too.


It would be a wonderful study to do with homeschoolers or a great reference for any kid interested in photography. There are lots of photography contests out there! (And if you aren’t already involved in 4-H, why not find a club in your area and get started?!)
There are many other 4-H books like this one in a variety of subjects. We have a few more we got from Tractor Supply or you can look for them on Amazon.

The photo contest results were announced today and Morgan and Taylor each have a class winner that will advance to District. Since Morgan is a senior hers will also advance to state.
All of the rest of their entries were awarded blue ribbons.
Levi entered a couple of photos too that were awarded blue ribbons. Pre-4-Hers don’t advance to District.

Here is Morgan’s photo that will advance to District and State in the Wildlife category:

Taylor’s photograph will advance to District (Intermediates don’t go to state) in the Marine/Aquatic category:

I’ll post the rest of the photos in another post because if I upload too many at once my silly country-fried internet will crash.

Enjoy your journey!


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