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Cowgirls and Cowboys got Style!


Our Jim Wells County 4-H Fashion Show was held this morning in Alice.

Taylor attended last year in the buying category and went on to District and had such a great time she decided she wanted to sew/construct an outfit this year. Morgan decided to construct an outfit too, and so off to the fabric stores we went to look at patterns and material. They both decided they wanted to make fancy formals. 🙂

They have both had some experience with sewing projects, hand sewing and a little on the machine with Grandma and myself, but never garments, and certainly not formal dresses!

I grew up in 4-H, sewing projects for 4-H Style Review and so I was really happy (yet scared, LOL) when they both became interested in one of my own teenage passions. I LOVED to sew outfits and talk to the judges and walk the runway when I was in 4-H. (Yet I also remember the frustration and the hours and hours of hard work my Mom and I put in to make it happen!!)

So when they picked out their patterns, which were truly NOT beginner designs, I told them that we could accomplish anything, and we would make it work. Nothing is too hard with work and persistence.

Upon looking at my calendar, the roughly 5 weeks of construction time was shortened significantly by stock show and judging season, Youth Crew events, and other such things that tend to pack our calendar this time of year.

In other years the style show has been the end of March leaving Spring Break for sewing. But not this year. This year the event was the beginning of March (and the same time photograph entries are due as well and Houston Horse Judging two days after Fashion Show, LOL).

But alas, we decided that we would work hard to accomplish this feat. (Along with preparing photos for the photography contest as well!)

The whole thing seems like a blur right now as I was up rather late last night doing crunchtime activities, and making sure the final touches were finished, and Levi’s outfit was pressed and ready as well. (His cowboy boots had last been seen in the pond and took quite a bit of working over to be wearable LOL :))

Both Morgan and Taylor had big ideas for their formals, and in the end the ideas were brought forth and accomplished beautifully. The work was stressful, making lots of lifelong memories, and for me there were also fond old memories of long hours and frustration, ripping, ripping, pinning, fitting, ripping, refiguring, ripping, and finally finishing, oops it’s too tight, one more tweak and not even trying it on again until morning, hoping somehow the elves would come and just make it fit overnight, and shazaaaammm! It worked! This morning everything came together like a charm and my redneck cowgirl models were a picture of beauty in their hand sewn designs. I was just laying there last night before falling asleep thinking about how completely crazy it was that we had completed two formal dresses, and they were even the very first time the girls have sewn dresses, put together an outfit for Levi, learned all about the fiber content, construction and designing terms, comparison shopped two other outfits for Levi, accessorized the girls’ outfits, added final touches, then added more final touches, turned in photographs to the County extension office yesterday, packed to leave for Houston, and on top of that Taylor had decided she was going to design and enter a storyboard in the storyboard division of the Fashion Show and had completed that and turned it in last Friday too. Wow!

So here is a picture tour of our 2013 JWC 4-H Fashion Show “Fashion is Wild”.  I didn’t get a picture of  Taylor with her storyboard, but she gets to make a new one to go to District!! Stay tuned for more to come in April when we attend District 12 Fashion Show- can’t wait!

Why yes, he was bribed, but he did an amazing job talking to the judges and knew all about his outfit and comparison shopping, fabric types, and characteristics!!

Is this my 12 year old who shot a 9 point buck, landed a massive red snapper and broke that wild filly? 🙂

On the “runway”:

Levi was a first place winner in Pre-4-H Buying Casual wear division:



Taylor was Top Winner in the Intermediate Construction Formal division with her peacock dress and will be advancing to state in April!!

Morgan was Top Winner in the Senior Construction Formal division with her turquoise pinch skirt with sparkly laced-up  rhinestone trim overskirt, and will also be advancing to District in April!


Way to go! Those cowgirls can do more than just ride and train horses…

Enjoy Your Journey!








2 thoughts on “Cowgirls and Cowboys got Style!

  1. Such nice outfits. Congratulations to them all. 🙂

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