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Horse Judging at the San Antonio Stock Show

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We headed back out on the road on Wednesday. This time we were excited to go to the San Antonio Stock Show to judge horses on Valentines Day.

Thursday morning bright and early we met our team for the Horse Judging competition. They would be judging in the San Antonio Stock Show as one senior team consisting of Morgan, Logan, Sheri and Shelby, and two individual intermediates, Taylor and Kaitlyn.

This judging competition also served as our District 12 competition which qualifies our seniors for State. We still didn’t have any competition at the senior level, but we had a few other intermediate teams.

There were over 700 judgers at this competition! The kids did an amazing job, and while they didn’t take home any ribbons for being 20th out of 170 teams, they did take home ribbons and plaques for their placings in the District 12 competition. The senior team received 1st place plaques (no competition, but hey, they would have still taken first even with competition with their high scores!).

This picture cracks me up because in the 5 years these kids have been a team, I’ve NEVER seen such big smiles on all of their faces!! Especially Logan (middle) who only scored three points lower than Morgan! Just look at those smiles!!

From left to right Sheri was 3rd individual, Logan was second, and Morgan was high point for our District competition.  Shelby had already hit the road for home, so we are missing her in this picture. Y’all are State-bound in June!! Woo Hoo!

We didn’t have an intermediate team, only Kaitlyn and Taylor judging as individuals, and Kaitlyn took third place individual. Congrats Kaitlyn!!!!!

So PROUD of our Jim Wells County 4-H Horse Judging Team! You’ve come a long way, babies!!!

Enjoy your journey!



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