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Consumer Decision Making at San Antonio

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After our great Horse Judging competition on Valentines Day, we spent Friday looking around the vendor’s booths and talking to the family doing the Gypsy Horse demonstrations. Kaitlyn and Taylor really enjoyed braiding the long beautiful manes and tails. Morgan enjoyed talking to the Horse Massage lady, and we also enjoyed learning about the Brave Horse program.

Then we ventured over to watch the Open Horse Show, and practice judging (LOL, it’s just in their blood). I loved hearing the girls talk it out, and a nice 4-H family sitting in front of us struck up a conversation with the girls after the show, and they told them all about horse judging and our JWC horse program. They were from our very own District 12, but don’t have a horse program at all in their county, so we enjoyed sharing information and exchanging numbers with 15 year old 4-Her Sarah and her parents, and hope to see them at the District 12 Horse Show in June, and maybe even Horse Judging Camp at A & M the last week in June too!!

On Saturday, February 16th which just happens to also be my birthday, we headed out to the Educational Service Center near the Stock Show grounds to embark on a new adventure:  the girls second Consumer Judging competition, but the first at a big stock show.  Several of our JWC CDM judgers are veterans at this, but for us this was a brand new and exciting experience.

We had two Jim Wells County senior teams, one intermediate team (YAY!) and one junior team. These kids are on fire!

After a long morning of judging, the intermediates gave one set of reasons to judges and the seniors gave two sets.

Our Extension agent Barbie (and team coach) had a picnic set up in the parking lot under a tree where the weather was wonderful for waiting on kids to finish. Our first kiddos to join us were the three juniors who didn’t have to give reasons. Then the intermediates showed up, and finally after a long wait on Logan who was the very last senior to give his second set of reasons, we had them all fed and they relaxed (and texted)  until time for awards. 😀

When we went back inside, the room was packed full of excited kids, parents and coaches.

Our first exciting moment was when we heard Jim Wells County announced over the loud speaker for our Junior Team who had won 5th place!! What excited girls! Way to go ladies!!!!!!

Our intermediates didn’t win a ribbon, but placed 12th in the competition which is just amazing!!

Then we were again pleasantly surprised and excited to hear our Jim Wells County senior team number 2 which consisted of Logan, Kristofer, and Morgan announced. They were so excited to go up front to receive their 7th place ribbons! Our team JWC team #1 didn’t place in the top ten, but did a wonderful job and we are so proud of all of our teams!!


More smiles to top off the week:


And then, as if someone flipped on the lights and the whole room yelled “surprise!!”,  my birthday present had arrived in the form of hearing,

”  in tenth place, from Jim Wells County… Morgan Gunn!”

This girl is on fire!! She won a beautiful 10th place San Antonio Stock Show ribbon in a competition of 165 senior judgers, where we have learned that ribbons are few and far between!

Blessed, and highly favored. Thanks again, Jesus for your abundant blessings!

And congrats to all of our amazing Jim Wells County 4-Hers who work hard, play hard, and give it their all.

Congratulations and a Big Thank You also to Barbie Wymore, our amazing JWC Extension agent, coach, and friend. Jim Wells County kids rock because of you!

Enjoy your journey,




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  1. Sounds like they did good.

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