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Foal Watch Update



Today my Foal Ticker says 2 months, 3 days until the big day!

I’ve wanted to update pictures and status as Grace has progressed, but this is the first of my updates.

It seemed her belly really expanded at first, as she has always been such a lean and small-boned girl. Morgan was quite heartbroken to see the muscle definition that she had worked so hard on decline as she quit riding her. Around the 4th to 5th month Grace really felt terrible and just didn’t want to do anything except lay down. Any type of exercise just exhausted her and she just wanted to rest. We were a little worried about her, but she was still eating and vitals were normal, and I could certainly identify with the way she was feeling after having been pregnant myself three times, so we just kept a close eye on her and catered to her as much as one would a deserving princess carrying such precious cargo. 🙂

A month or so ago we began to wonder and worry again as her attitude seemed to improve, she acted like she felt much better, bright, running and kicking, but it didn’t seem like her belly seemed much bigger. I know we had just gotten used to her looking “filled-out”, and I told Morgan that we would probably notice a significant expansion in the last three months as the foal started to run out of room and come down that final stretch.

Sure enough with about three months to go it seemed her belly began to really be noticeably bigger.

The girls spend a lot of time massaging and pampering Grace and talking and singing to the foal that we have fondly been calling “Sparky” for a few different reasons.

This morning Morgan called me while I was at work and was just ecstatic asking if it was possible to feel the foal move. She said that they definitely felt kicking and that Grace kept looking wondering what was happening! The more they talked and sang and rubbed her belly, the more active the foal became. They were delighted and once again I could relate to one of my most amazing and precious times of my life when I first felt my babies kick.

We had taken some big-belly pictures of Grace the day before that I hadn’t gotten posted yet, so I just had to make a point to post them and update the foal ticker page on the blog tonight!

And I just had to post this picture because I just love Grace’s beautiful multi-color eyelashes!


Enjoy your journey!




5 thoughts on “Foal Watch Update

  1. Thank you so so much for the update!! I am glad she is doing well and that belly is really growing. Have fun watching baby move. That is my favorite part and this is my favorite stage of their pregnancy!

  2. Loved reading this…if you ever decide to give up practicing medicine, you definitely have an option as a writer…made me feel as if I were there seeing all of this.
    Love y’all….


  3. Glad it’s all going so well.

  4. How exciting!! Love the photos of your horse! Following from the Crew (thought I was following before!!). I’d love to have you follow back if you don’t already :). Have a great week!

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