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Levi is READING!

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My heart is just doing back flips at the progress Levi is making this year!

It’s just been so hard for me to “hurry-up-and-wait” and be patient not to push him into something he wasn’t ready for when it comes to development and education.

He has always actually been pretty much “right on target” with the “standards” ofย  his age for whatever that really means. And pretty typical for an active on-the-move, rowdy, healthy boy.

In my heart I’ve always seen his strengths and weaknesses in learning, and my little lefty has an amazing “creative” side that is wonderful. But there are just so many pressures from all around when kids don’t progress as fast as siblings, boys differently than girls, not the same as the neighbor’s kid, or just plain don’t care to answer the questions asked of them. But homeschoolers can often times be put even more so under the microscope. And it’s hard to be the one everyone is looking at and judging as the parent-teacher. ๐Ÿ™‚

Usually, to be real honest, I really don’t care who or whom is standing in judgement of me/us as long as I am following God. But that’s been really easy to say up to this point with my girls who have always been light-years ahead of their age and grade levels. They have always been able to speak for themselves with more than plenty to say.

But Levi, just doesn’t really care to prove anything to anyone. He is who he is, and he will progress in his own time. Not behind, but just not “striving to be in the front of the pack,” I’ve had to really work to figure out where he is, how he is learning, his particular learning styles and patterns, and how best to motivate him. He has been my challenge.

I’ve read so much on dyslexia, watched very closely for certain patterns, problems, etc. But they just aren’t there. The typical labels, aren’t there to diagnose or treat. (Thank you Lord!)

I even thought recently I’d stumbled upon something when I read about optilexia, but further research revealed that it wasn’t really relevant.

I know from years of research, common sense, and natural language interest that phonemic and phonetic sounds is really the baseline of reading and understanding language. I know in my heart that Levi’s ability to know all of the sounds the letters make, and even call the letters by their sounds instead of their names, is just his way of learning, and that things could be much worse. But when Daddy gets aggravated because he doesn’t understand why Levi can’t say the name of a letter, it has been tough to remember it’s only a season, and Levi is learning.

We’ve started so many reading programs that I lost count. He gets to a certain point, and then a wall. Just not progressing as he should, and frustration builds until he is just a school hating mess. I have just had to back off and find fun things for him to do to bring him back around.

So this year we were so very blessed to receive Primary Arts of Language Reading and Writing to review from Institute for Excellence in Writing. (Check out my review and then click over to the TOS Review Crew Blog for more if you are interested.)

This program came at the perfect time, and has been exactly what he needed.

It is so very adaptable to just where he is, with us able to move on and really get on a fast track some days, and some days focus on what seems to fit the day.

He has always loved poetry, but not so much just sitting listening to books. This program uses poetry, and short stories and he has really loved both. I LOVE to hear him recite the poetry included in this program!! I even found a book on Paperback swap of poetry for children labeled for first grade. He has really enjoyed it too.

The many facets and many different parts and pieces that all fit together make this just a phenomenal program. It combines pretty much every learning style out there, and is just amazing. The support materials, MP3 lectures, motivational and directional teacher materials are so very amazing as well.

I will always recommend PAL above and beyond any program I’ve ever seen out there from this time forward. Institute for Excellence in Writing has absolutely phenomenal products!

The first day I put a book before Levi that I had from the days when the girls were learning to read, he thought I was crazy. But I told him it’s just full of sentences, just like the ones he is reading. I’ll never forget the very moment in time that he realized he could read. It was so motivating and felt like we had reached the top of Mount Everest!

There are still days when it’s a struggle for him to concentrate and remember to slow down and breath. But once he gets focused, which seems to becoming a bit easier about half of the time now, LOL, he really begins to shine.

The other day we were following some impromptu tangent of learning the colors of the rainbow by coloring “Roy G Biv”, and then writing his name down the side of the paper and thinking of colors to make his own name into a rainbow. He called out to his sister, “Hey Taylor, come on- you are missing all the fun!!”

I never thought I’d hear that from him, LOL, my boy who just wants to make forts and shoot guns all day!

I just have to keep reminding myself, they are only little once. Let him enjoy it.

And here is Levi showing that his bottom two teeth are FINALLY loose!ย  He is in no hurry to pull them out either, LOL. Everything comes in it’s own time, in it’s own way. ๐Ÿ™‚

Life is Good at Gunn Ranch Academy!

Enjoy your Journey,




One thought on “Levi is READING!

  1. That is so great to hear that he is reading. What a blessing that the you were given the perfect program for him. ๐Ÿ™‚

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