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The Epic Capture the Flag A & M Birthday Party!

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We have lots of birthdays in December, but this December was particularly special since my baby girl turned 16.

“Sweet 16”  in itself didn’t seem to hold any different meaning than any other birthday for her, really, but for me it just seemed really sentimental. I guess in “our day” 16 was kind of a landmark of “growing up.”

But for Morgan and her best friend Abi, whose birthday is just a couple of weeks before hers, this was a memorable birthday in a different way. Abi turned 17 and Morgan turned 16, and their request was to have an “epic” Capture the Flag night on our 40 acres. So we celebrated with 16 teenagers (actually 17 but one didn’t want to play and went home early) and a bunch of adults at our ranch.

They love to play capture the flag with the youth group and usually play in the pasture and arena at the church, or traditionally in the summer at Bayhouse camp. It takes lots of space because they divide up into 2 teams and try to capture each others flag, which may or may not be hidden depending on the game. If a person gets tagged by the other team they go to “jail” and are detained until they get tagged by one of their own team mates (who must avoid being tagged by the other team to rescue their team mate.)

For our night of capture the flag they had two big flag poles and began just as it turned dark- on the back 20 acres which is full of very “pokey” brush and lots of caliche cliffs, pretty rugged terrain, but many paths and open spaces to work with as well, along with the pond.

Before the game we had fired up the pit for hot dogs and lots of folks brought chips, veggies, desert, etc. Had lots of adult friends over as well and with it being a bit chilly the men hung out by the big fire in the rock pit and most of us moms inside. (And after the games started we played first aid station, LOL).

For Abi and Morgan’s birthday Abi’s mom (who happens to be my super-great friend :)) made a killer cake for the girls with fondant. Both girls love Texas A & M and she had realized their initials are also A & M, and their favorite color is blue, so she made a blue Texas A & M logo for them.

She made them a really awesome cake!

They played about four games of Capture the Flag and were in and out getting warm and getting band-aids and refreshments late into the evening. Daniel was gracious enough to lend several some of his army ACUs to put over their clothes and one even borrowed his boots :).

I was so happy to have been able to host such a cool event. I don’t have too many people over because we still don’t have enough furniture to store the little bit of stuff we salvaged when all of our furniture and belongings got ruined in storage, and we still don’t have any storage for extra stuff so it remains in a corner of our living room, but hey, I’m to the point I just don’t care because life is too short not to nurture great friends, great kids, and great relationships, (not to mention “epic events” !).


We had such an awesome night of fun and I do believe this was probably the most memorable sweet 16 for Morgan and sweet 17 for Abi that they could have had.

I thank God everyday for the blessing of the awesome friends we have here, and the best friends that He has blessed my girls with!!

Levi even had a friend over that ended up having a sleepover here, and then Levi went to his house the next night and they had a ball as well!

Making memories at Gunn Ranch!

Enjoy your journey,




One thought on “The Epic Capture the Flag A & M Birthday Party!

  1. Sounds like so much fun, and from the pictures it looks like the children really enjoyed it all. 🙂

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