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Hear That?


Hear that?






It’s a rare zebra around here.



For that, I’m mostly thankful.



But quiet is necessary.



And a person who is quiet-deprived, well, is much like a person who is sleep deprived. Walking around in a trance, following voices helter-skelter.  Most of the time, they aren’t even reasonable voices.

You need to do this, go there, don’t forget, why did you do that, you’re too fat, need a haircut, under-dressed, over-stressed.

My preacher stressed Sunday the importance of writing down your goals for the new year. Not just making some lame, “I’m gonna lose 100 pounds and work out everday” resolutions, but spending some time thinking about where God wants you to go, identifying the things God has laid before you, and owning what you need to do to live the life you were meant to live.

For me, I have  adopted a suggestion I heard on my favorite radio station KLOVE a few years back and picked a word of the year that sums up my goals and ambitions at the beginning of each new year.

One word? How can that long list of resolutions end up in only one word?

I think simplicity has it’s place, and success often lies in sharpening our focus.

So here goes.

As I think back over this busy year, I thank God for the many opportunities he laid out for myself and our family through our church family, the awesome neighbors and friends he has brought into our lives, the phenominal JWC 4-H program we are blessed to be a part of, the learning opportunities we have grabbed by the horns and tackled, my jobs as a veterinarian and blog reviewer (and many, many others!!),  my husband’s jobs, our wonderful ranch and animals we are blessed to care for, and so many other things that filled our lives and calendars.

Some common ground these all share: busy, time consuming, calendar filling, deadline pressing, effort bearing, gotta-be-somewhere, plan something, fix something, make something, think of something.

For the many wonderful things we are blessed with through all this, one thing that can wear us out is LOUD.

Loud can not only be a physical attribute, but can take on many meanings.

Not altogether bad, good, or indifferent, loud can have lots of volumes.

But that’s not where I’m goin with this, so I’ll leave that to your contemplation.

My focus for the new year will be quiet.

Thinking back through my year, I can identify my biggest stressor this year as a busy brain, unable to focus, remember, or identify God’s voice through it all.

Some of my most memorable moments were the few times I realized I was all alone, in the quiet.

And just like one of my favorite songs says, “in the quiet, I hear Your voice.”

I found myself thinking back to my Sunday morning worship time, and/or small group gatherings for messages that seemed like they were prepared just for me.

Most this year were those with the quiet time message.

Quiet, just like loud, can have many different facets to it, but only one volume.

And quiet can be incredibly hard to find.

Finding quiet, well, is like hunting for zebras in South Texas.

So therein lies my challenge for 2013.

To find quiet.

To make time for quiet.

To be quiet and listen.

Hear that?


Enjoy your journey,





3 thoughts on “Hear That?

  1. This is a beautiful post, Chris. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. What a beautifully written post. I have chosen a word I think the Lord laid on my heart for the year too, passion (meaning a passion for Him). I’m excited to see where the Lord takes me with that word. 🙂

  3. I agree that quiet, of all kinds, any kind, is difficult to find. But so important if we want to connect with the Lord in a meaningful way.

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