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Levi’s Christmas Eve Surprise!



I have to admit I’m not very good at keeping surprises. It’s tough to be able to surprise the kids when I’m with them most of the time.

But I have to say I pulled a good one off this year!!

Levi LOVES turkeys and has always wanted one.  While most kids have a puppy, or a kitten or even a pony on their Christmas lists, Levi had a turkey on his.

I didn’t actually think much about it as being a real possibility, but then the thought occurred to me that we have a close family friend who raises turkeys.

But then I figured this time of year it would be out of the question that one would be available being right after Thanksgiving, and the off season for breeding.

Well,  I took a chance and texted her a few weeks ago on a whim, explaining that I realized it was off season, but just wondering if she might happen to have a turkey of any age that Santa might bring to Levi.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find out she had a lone survivor of a batch that hatched last July, that was still with it’s Momma, and she would love to let Santa give it to Levi.

So began the loooonnnggg couple weeks of keeping a secret!

But I did it!!  And tonight Daddy and I took off while the kids were baking cookies for Santa to go retrieve Levi’s Christmas present.

I originally planned to leave it in the barn in a kennel and let Levi open up a big box with a card to read  “Go look in the barn”, but since we just took the baby away from Momma and it is already dark, I didn’t want it to be scared so decided just to give it to Levi who was sitting by the Christmas tree.

Levi and his sisters were very surprised!! They hadn’t guessed my secret!!

We don’t know yet whether it is a boy or girl, but Levi has had a name picked out for his first turkey for awhile, and decided to stick with “Wobbles”.

Here is Levi as we gave him Wobbles!


And here he is calling Grandma and Grandpa on the phone:


Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas Eve!!!!



3 thoughts on “Levi’s Christmas Eve Surprise!

  1. So glad you could keep it a surprise and that you could get him what he really wanted. 🙂

  2. You are such a cool mom. My daughter dreams of owning a milk cow named Daisy. I gave her a plastic one.

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