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District 12 4-H Food Show and Challenge

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December 8th was our District 12 Food Show and Food Challenge.

This is the first year Morgan and Taylor have competed in the Food Challenge and both of their teams made it to district. This is the second time the girls have competed in the Food Show, and both won their classes and advanced to district.

This was a really fun new event for us. All three of my kids love to cook, and are fairly well educated in nutrition and eating nutritious foods.

The district event was in Laredo, so we had to leave pretty early Saturday morning. Morgan cooked her Turkey Meatballs the night before and warmed them up well before loading them for the two hour trip the morning of the event. Taylor packed all her fruits and her yogurt to assemble her Patriotic Fruit Salad on the tailgate in the parking lot before we went in since the dish was suppose to be made at home before coming and kept cold or hot on the trip. The American flag wouldn’t have made the two hour trip, however, so she just assembled it there.

As I explained in my earlier post about food show, the food is not actually tasted. The 4-Her’s are judged on their knowledge of nutrition, My Plate serving sizes and categories, the nutrients their dish contains and what they do for the body, as well as presentation and creativity.

This year’s theme was Healthy Holiday Foods Year ‘Round.

The judging was pretty tough at this competition, as I’ve never seen more red ribbons with only a few blue ribbons! Taylor didn’t feel too great, but gave it her best and ended up with a red ribbon in the Intermediate Fruits and Vegetables Division. It was quite an honor to participate in the District Food Show! She came out with a big smile on her face and was confident she did her best, so I was really proud of her!

Morgan won a blue ribbon in the Senior Protein division with her Turkey Meatballs sauteed in cranberry sauce. She did a wonderful job and had a good experience. She was glad she didn’t advance to state so she didn’t have to choose between food show and horse judging since they are on the same day!!  Always something to look forward to!

One of our JWC 4-Her’s won Top Chef in her division, and everyone else did a great job of representing our awesome county!

The picture is a bit blurry, but the kids shine through regardless!

The Food Show lasted most of the morning, and the awards were presented right around noon. After this the kids got their teams together and all psyched up for the Food Challenge. The teams consist of 3 to 5 members. Each has a tub of all the kitchen utensils and things they need to assemble the ingredients they are presented with into a dish. They have to work together to come up with a presentation of the nutrients in the dish, the My Plate category it fits into, what the nutrients do for your body/why it’s healthy, the serving size, and cost. They have to use good food safety, communication and team work, and clean up.

All of our JWC Food Challenge teams received blue ribbons!

Morgan’s team made a veggie taco (ingredients were from a quesadilla recipe) and they worked together very well.

Taylor’s team with the lime green shirts and zebra print aprons made a tutti-fruity smoothie with granola on top (from ingredients that came from a yogurt parfait recipe.) The girls looked adorable and all four of them really worked together as a team and formed some wonderful friendships!

We are totally blessed to be a part of such an awesome 4-H program. Our County Agent Barbie Wymore is beyond amazing. She works so hard for these kids, and I know they do their very best to make her proud!

Way to go Jim Wells County 4-Her’s! Representing JWC and ambitious, really-great-kids everywhere like a boss!




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