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Fort Bend County Horse Judging Contest



Saturday, December 1st (can’t believe it’s already December!) our horse judging team went to the second competition of the judging year. We love these little county competitions that help us get ready for the bigger stock shows in February and March.

So this time we left around 4:30 am to arrive in Rosenburg, TX  (just outside of Houston) bright and early for the competition. It was a beautiful day, and the kids were all ready to go.

We had 5 seniors, but only 2 intermediates, so the intermediates didn’t get to qualify for team ribbons.

We usually have “reasons” which is where the kids get to go in front of a judge and tell them why they placed a given class the way they did. This is one reason we love horse judging so much, because it allows the kids to develop their decision making skills as well as communication/speaking skills.

My girls really LOVE giving reasons and think it’s kinda funny that most kids hate them. But then my girls love to talk, LOL, and have practiced till the cows come home putting together reasons and going over and over them together.

Reasons are usually just for the 4-Hers while FFA students answer questions asked about the classes. To me not giving reasons kinda defeats the purpose of judging because when judging any kind of animal in competition the judge always puts together reasons for the placings, and in most shows the judge gives the reasons in front of the participants and audience like at the fair or livestock shows.

Anyway, that being said, this show didn’t include reasons or questions. It was just a straight competition of placing the classes.

Our senior team didn’t end up placing, but Morgan placed 10th in halter classes.

Our intermediates really shined. Too bad we didn’t have one more to complete the team because when they got up there to received ribbons they called Jim Wells County as 5th place intermediate team in hatler, performance and overall. This was with just two scores vs. the other placings which combined three scores! My girls told them there was only two of them and they didn’t have three to complete the team, so they had to go back over results and find the next team of three to receive the 5th place team ribbons!

I was so proud of the girls for placing so high with just two scores, and also proud of them for telling the judges there was just two of them and they didn’t qualify for the team ribbons. Wish we had one more intermediate and they would have won an even higher team placing, maybe even first!

The individual placings that led to the whole team mixup were really great and they were pretty excited to have done so well:

Kaitlyn got 8th in halter, 8th in performance, and 7th overall.

Taylor won 5th in halter, 4th in performance and 2nd overall! She almost got that belt buckle as they awarded buckles to the 1st place sr, intermediate and jr individuals. She was pretty proud!

Way to go girls. Horse Judging is a LOT of work. It takes a lot of concentration and skill to sit for hours and focus on the classes, learn the industry, know the criteria, put together your thoughts and make qualified decisions.  And the trips and friendships are fun and rewarding as well. I’m so thankful we are able to participate and that y’all have put so much heart and soul into this!

 Make the best better!


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