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Glory Hallelujah!!!

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I’m soooo happy the post controls are back for now. I’m really praying that they stay and Homeschool Blogger quits having so many problems. I’ve invested soooooooo much time, effort, sweat, tears and love here, and I really just want it to work.

I’ve been over at my blogger blog that I created a year ago trying to see what I can do with it, and it could work, but adding all the cool sidebars, gadgets, pictures, changing things over, well, it’s just not the best or most efficient use of my time. I’d rather stay and make this blog even better.

But as a blog reviewer, I really need my blog to look professional and have some significant traffic for our vendor clients. I take our job very seriously for the sake not only of the vendors, but I really want the homeschool community and others needing to hear about these awesome products to be able to view a good, easy-to-read-and-understand descriptions, and ask questions if needed.

There are some amazing products out there, and this is such an AWESOME time to be a homeschooler like never before!

There are also some really amazing people out there who have chosen to share their gifts and talents with others, and I really want to be a part of sharing that with others!

I can only do this if my blog works.

My last few posts were done with a jacked-up platform for lack of a better description.

I hope and PRAY that HSB will continue to serve it’s bloggers well.

For our sakes and the sakes of those that are reading our blogs for important information and just for entertainment.

(As well as for Grandma and Grandpa who depend on HSB to keep in touch with what we are doing.) 🙂

Thanks for fixing it, and I hope it continues to work!!


One thought on “Glory Hallelujah!!!

  1. I know we are having issues, but we are trying to keep things running smoothly for our users. Like I said in another comment, please email me if you have issues and I’ll do my best to help where I can. Thanks.

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