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Vocal Coach Singer

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I have always loved to sing, play instruments and write music. I took music lessons of all sorts as a teen and even on into college. I’m definitely one of those people who thrives on music, and I felt it was important to pass that along to my children.

We have always enjoyed music together, and especially singing. I would sit at the keyboard when they were little and have them match pitches, sing along with me, and we were and still are surrounded by music playing pretty much all the time.

My two girls had the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful homeschool orchestra and choir where they learned from an amazing instructor who gave them some pretty advanced vocal training.

Recently my 15 year old had the opportunity to be a part of a Christian Youth Praise and Worship Team at our church, and has enjoyed getting some practice using her voice.

When the opportunity came up on the Crew to review a vocal training program, I was really excited to try it out with my family!

The Vocal Coach offers many products for voice training from beginners to professionals. The founders of Vocal Coach, Chris and Carole Beatty, have been training and coaching singers for a very long time- over 40 years. I was super excited to see their home studio is in Brentwood TN. Nashville is home to us, and also the home of some of the best musicians and music training in the world!

Our Crew had the opportunity to review two of their wonderful products. Some reviewed Teaching Kids to Sing for ages 5-13 (retail $44.99). I really would have liked to use this with my 6 year old, because he is very musically talented for his age and loves to sing, but decided since my girls have already had some training, Vocal Coach Singer would better fit our family.

It is intended for older students/teens to adults. It is a great fit for the homeschool environment, as it is split up topically, and includes printable personal singer’s journals to track progress. It retails for $99.99 for the MP3 download like we got, or $119.99 for the 12 cd set.


So what all does it include?

7 Training Cd’s (Or you can choose the MP3 option and download everything)

~Getting Started

~ Complete Breathing

~Complete Warm-up

~Complete Tone

~Complete Expanding Your Range

~Complete Diction

~ Complete Performance

4 Workout Cd’s:

~Daily Workout High voice 1 and 2

~ Daily Workout Medium/Low voice 1 and 2

Additional Educational Tools:

Guidebook- full sized instructional guidebook to ensure success!

Printable Lead Sheets- each exercise in the course, plus track lists

Personal Singer’s Journal- (Getting Started Journal and Workout Journal) to track progress as you become a better singer!

Vocal Coach Song Evaluation- Evaluation Form to enable you to make more thoughtful song selections

As we were looking through the program, a great discussion came about, how this program not only helps the singing voice, but trains the speaking voice as well. As my girls are involved in public speaking and educational presentations, this program seemed just perfect to increase their skills in using their voices!

Vocal Singer teaches:

~ How the voice works

~ How to find your best sound

~ How to control breathing even when you are tense or nervous

~ How to be expressive when presenting your message

~ How to find and expand your vocal range

~ How to warm up and cool down the voice for singing and speaking

Wow! This program is even more exciting than I imagined!

Using Vocal Coach Singer at Gunn Ranch Academy:

As I said before, I was super excited to check this program out. We were given the MP3 download form vs. the cd program, so we had a LOT of downloading to do. I knew this might cause problems for us with my country-fried internet limited bandwidth, but I took my chance because this program looked so awesome. Well, I did lose my internet access for exceeding my bandwidth for a short while, but I have to say it was worth it because of all we got with the program.

I immediately listened to the getting started file, which went through all of the components of the program and explained what each one was and how to move through each topic.

We started by listening to Complete Breathing, then Complete Warm-up. We moved through those pretty quickly, intending to come back and use them more thoroughly and slowly after we listened through the program. The next part we listened to was really cool.

Morgan really enjoyed the Complete Tone section. This section really helps you feel what “real sound” feels like. I’m always trying to tell her “sing from your diaphragm, sing from your chest- as opposed to singing from your throat or head. While she understand the difference between singing from your chest vs. falsetto from your throat, this cd has good descriptions of the sensation, the “feeling” of natural voice control.

I am particularly interested in expanding my range, and Morgan is to, so we shall see if working through this helps us out! I really expect us to be pleased with the results.
I also enjoyed our discussion as we listened through the Complete Diction. I had some stories to tell about my High School Madrigals instructor and how picky he was on diction. So much so that I still think of him when I sing or say certain words!

It was refreshing for me to listen through and review many of the singing techniques I learned as a teen from my voice instructor, and have a tool to teach this to my kids. While my girls learned much of this from their vocal instructor a few years back, it’s really amazing to have it for review as well as to expand their learning beyond what they already know. Being older now I think this program will really benefit all they are doing and all they aspire to do with their voices in the future!

We will continue working through this program, and as we develop and nurture muscles we never knew we had, I believe our voices will develop and improve beyond what we ever thought they could!

This is truly professional grade training. It assumes you are ready to commit and work hard at learning to sing. While it is a wonderful place to start even for beginners, it also has capabilities of taking you to professional level singing.

To read about my Crew Mate’s adventures with Vocal Coach products, visit our Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog!

Enjoy your journey!



~Disclaimer- we downloaded this program free of charge as members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.


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