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Growing Up Wild

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Meet our new friends: Mike, Libby, Morgan, Hudson, Kian, and Asher Wild!



Over the past 6 weeks we have gotten to know this precious missionary family by enjoying an incredible set of DVDs called Growing Up Wild that they made as missionaries in Papua, Indonesia.  We have really loved spending time exploring with the four Wild brothers through their day to day lives growing up in the jungle with the Wano people.

The videos took about three years to produce, and started with a vision that Libby and Mike Wild had that they might be a tool to influence an “army of future missionaries” that would take the Gospel to unreached peoples in the far corners of the world. They aspire to educating and encouraging children to the work that goes on in the mission field, and hope that by sharing their family adventures, children might hear a calling to reach out themselves.

Growing Up Wild is a series of 5 dvds with 3 episodes per dvd. Also included with each volume is a separate activity guide cd for teachers to supplement their educational endeavors as desired. At the end of each episode are also ideas for further  fun and educational activities to try out and expand upon.

Growing Up Wild DVD


For review we had the great privilege to receive Growing Up Wild Volume 1, $18.99 + sh&tax and Growing Up Wild Volume 4, also $18.99 + sh& tax.



Volume 1 episodes include (from the dvd cover):

1. Home Sweet Hut~ In this episode you will see a glimpse into the Wild brothers house and life. Learn how a house in the jungle is built and see the creatures that emerge in the night.

2. Supply Trip~ How do the Wild brothers buy and bring in supplies while living in the jungle? Come and watch as this episode takes off on a little bush airplane and ends with a pantry full of supplies.

3. Sun & Water~ Discover how the mighty sun’s power and a rushing mountain stream can be harnessed and become useful daily tools for the Wild brothers and their family. Who knew learning about electricity and water pressure could be so much fun!



Volume 4 episodes include (from the dvd cover):

1. Amazing World Around Us~ Colorful pythons, tropical birds, a giant stick bug and a huge hairy spider are the stars of this exciting episode. Join the Wild Brothers as they marvel at the amazing evidences of our Creator in the jungles of Papua.

2. Adventures in Culture~ Cultures are fascinating and different for all people groups. In this episode you will follow the Wild brothers’ adventures in culture as they learn about war, hunting, red fruit and nose piercing.

3. Tribal Calling~ In one of our favorite episodes yet, discover how the Wilds knew that their calling was a tribal calling. Find out how icebergs, missionaries and the body of Christ are alike. You may be surprised to hear a calling of your own!

I feel obligated to let you know that you are going to want them all. While each one is fabulous in it’s own right, I’d strongly encourage you just to go ahead and save 15% by ordering all 5 volumes for $80.99 + shipping and tax.  You’ll be so glad you don’t have to wait on the rest of them to arrive with an anxious kid asking daily “are they here yet?” 😉

After watching volumes 1 and 4, I wanted to get the rest of the dvds for Levi for Christmas. But we just couldn’t wait, so I went ahead and ordered them. Just sayin…

Gunn Ranch Academy’s Wild Adventures

Well, Levi is all packed and ready to move to the jungle to be the fifth Wild brother!

This dvd series is charming, extremely well produced, well written, inspiring, encouraging, and richly educational.

The Wild brothers are absolutely adorable, and the family is fiercely dedicated to their call to share Jesus with the Wano people with all their hearts and souls.

The videos are narrated in a conversational style by Mom (Libby) and/or Dad (Mike), and it really feels as if you are right there in the jungle with them. The music really fits the theme and adds so much to the feel of the videos.  The short episodes are very complete, sharing one or more aspects of daily missionary life from the houses they live in, to the local wildlife, their trip to get supplies, local traditions and language, games, schoolwork, food, where they sleep, their pets, their ceremonies. In just six episodes (two dvds), we learned so much about mission adventures that we were left wanting more, and ordered the remaining 3 dvds in the series so we had the whole set!

I love how scripture is integrated as an important part of their everyday lives, and I especially love their amazing appreciation for nature and how they look at everything as a unique and wonderful creation of God.

Levi just loves how these boys get to do so many cool things from playing war with the Wano kids, to discovering snakes, walking sticks, holding their pet parrot, climbing up the incline of the mountain stream to show how they get their water to their house from a bucket filled with rocks for a filter and a hose, and especially their hammocks in their “really cool round house”.  I’ve watched him run around the house and our 40 acres in Wild brother style, with his sticks and weapons, pretending to be in the jungle. (Ok, so that’s no different than he usually acts, he just has some new “friends” now to play with, LOL).

These dvds have definitely served their purpose in opening up a whole new world of discovery to Levi. He loves to play his guitar and sing praise music, and loves his Lord with all of his 6 year old heart, so this aspect of sharing the Lord really struck a cord with him. I am ever so grateful that the Wild family took the initiative to share their adventures and their life so that other adventurous boys (and girls) like mine might be shown just how we can go into all the world and share the Gospel.

These dvds have been such an amazing tool that has opened up conversation and opportunities for discovery for our family of not only how other cultures live, but how those cultures might come to know the Lord, and how some Christians are called to go teach, while others are called to support them in other ways.

Levi and I are so very excited to be sharing these dvds with our church family. We are currently making plans to share one episode per month during our Sunday School time with our 1st to 5th grade Buckaroos, and plan to include activities from the educational cd as well as plan traditional snack to go along with it. We can’t wait to get started using these for “Wild Sunday” at our church!!

These would make absolutely perfect gifts for homeschooling families and friends! They would also make for a great curriculum for co-ops or other groups, or for homeschool families to get together and share.

Ten Thumbs up from this Army of 5!!

Visit our Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog to read about my Crew Mates’ Growing Up Wild Adventures!

Enjoy the journey!


~Disclaimer~We received these 2 dvds as members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are our own.


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