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2012 Jim Wells County Fair Memories


Sitting here tonite at the end of an exhausting but very eventful week,  I’m feeling overwhelmingly sentimental thinking about all the amazing friends we have here. My kiddos had so much fun this week hanging out with friends at the fair, working hard, competing, cheering each other on, riding rides at the carnival, helping at the auction, working concession stand, and just getting completely exhausted.

I lost my camera and couldn’t find it anywhere before fair so I took some photos on my cell phone. I downloaded a few that friends took from Facebook, and I have several good friends that took some great photos I’ll get a bit later after things settle down. But these will do for now even though some are pretty blurry since I have an el cheepo cell phone!!

Morgan at the awards receiving her award for Reserve Grand Champion in Senior Horse Showmanship:

She also won numerous ribbons and grand champion division and class champ ribbons for many of her home-ec projects. She showed and auctioned her goat, and was called back and did an AMAZING job in Senior Showmanship for goats.

Taylor receiving her Overall High Point Performance Buckle for Horse Show, she also received another buckle for Reserve Overall High Point Jr. Individual for the Horse Show,  and received 3rd in her class of 22 with her goat, and 5th with her rabbit! She entered and received many first place, class and division champ ribbons for her home-ec projects and got called back for Jr. Showmanship in goats and rabbits and did a fabulous job!

Levi’s first year to participate, he received Reserve Champion Overall High Point Pre-4-H in Home-Economics division. He also showed in the Pee-Wee goat show and did a fabulous job, winning first place ribbons and almost winning Pee Wee Showmanship!


Levi being congratulated by our good friend Mr. Trevino:


Morgan and her friend Erin:

Silly girls at the horse show with their goat strings!

Morgan and Mia singing a song Mia wrote at the talent show. The name of their duo is HanGunn from their last names Hanberry and Gunn 🙂

They were fabulous!!

We took the horse trailer everyday so they had a place to hang out and relax. Here Taylor, Kaitlyn and Levi are hanging out in their “bunk hammocks”:

One of our good friends, Iliana, who is a senior and we will be missing so much!! She won the Senior Herdsman award and buckle this year which is one of the highest honors!

Taylor and our friend Joey snuggling with Trevino’s Beefmaster Show Heifers 🙂


Levi helped out tremendously at the horse show!

Here he is taking a little break between classes:

Two of my favoritest kids:


Levi, Taylor, Kaitlyn, and Morgan had an AWESOME year at the JWC Fair!



3 thoughts on “2012 Jim Wells County Fair Memories

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! We just had our end of the year 4H awards. My children are thinking of showing their chickens this next year and possibly sheep or goats the year after that. What kind of goat do you have pictured? Is it a pygmie goat?

  2. Looks like everyone had fun. I love those hammocks, what a great idea. 🙂

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