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Crossbow Education Reading Rulers

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I haven’t really explored many special-needs or learning-aid websites in the past except a few accelerated learner resources. But with Levi being a little slower to mature into his reading comfort zone, I have begun to notice tools and tips that help with this important venture. I’ve pondered whether we might be dealing with dyslexia, but have found that he really doesn’t have the typical signs of dyslexia. And while he hasn’t seemed to grasp the concepts and reading skills as quickly or early as his sisters, he is actually right on track, if one cares to stereotype such a thing. I believe that all children develop on their own individual schedules, and only really excel if allowed to follow God’s plan, and not be stuffed into the world’s ideals. But that’s another topic, and what I’m really here to do now is to tell you about a really cool company that offers some amazing learning aids including some awesome reading rulers that have really helped Levi stay focused on his reading.

Crossbow Education is the website, and they are indeed dedicated to creating a positive learning environment where your child, labeled, unlabeled, or indifferent can excel and achieve the excellence that you desire for him. They are passionate about helping children and adults who deal with dyslexia and special needs.  Their goal is to help identify dyslexia tendencies and provide tools to aid in everyday tasks.


Their reading rulers are some of the best selling products, and are currently used in many schools in the US and UK.  They have several types of color overlays, but their most popular ones are the Eye Level Reading Rulers. We got a chance to see how these wonderful tools work!

The pack of ten Eye Level Reading Rulers is currently on sale for $16.95. They can be used for any age, and are especially great for beginning or struggling readers. We received a pack of 10 duo window rulers, one of each of these colors: yellow, celery, grass, jade, aqua, sky, purple, magenta, pink, and orange.


They suggest that you test read with all of the colors, then choose the one you feel most comfortable with by laying them side by side in turn on a piece of text and then choosing the one that is clearest. You may find a favorite that you stick with or change preferences day today depending on lighting, mood, and the material you are working with. They also recommend to keep similar complimentary colors apart, and that you should test in the order of pink,, celery, sky, magenta, grass, yellow, aqua, purple, orange then jade.

These reading rulers have two windows, one is 1/2 inch and one is 1 and 1/4 inch wide. The narrow window will take one like of big text and two of small text. Early readers like mine seem to prefer the focus to be confined. The rulers can actually be trimmed to fit in books, or such.

Some of the amazing features and benefits of these great little tools are:

~Gloss or matt surface

~Reduces glare

~Improves focus

~Assists tracking

~Narrow window isolates single line of text

~Wider window for reading paragraphs


Our Reading Ruler Adventures

While Levi has really enjoyed and learned to use these reading rulers, I gotta admit right away that I LOVE these things. As my eyes are aging and I find myself needing reading glasses, these sure help me get through a school day of reading assignments, texts, and even grading essays! They do reduce the glare and seem to keep my eyes focused on just where I’m at. I will also reluctantly admit that on days I’m extra tired and trying to do a read aloud with my kids, they tend to help keep me awake if I try to doze off and lose my place. Pathetic I know, but hey, it’s the life of a busy working ranch momma! 🙂

As for Levi, these have really helped him stay focused on his lines as well. While it might just be the novelty, the pretty colors he likes to choose from, or the hands-on effect it brings to his lessons, it doesn’t really matter to me as long as it’s helping him stay focused and interested.  We keep them in the package in the top drawer of his work cabinet, and he loves to pick out which color he and I will use when we are reading. I haven’t really seen a preference in color as I expected I might. We went through the color progression at first but now he pretty much just chooses a color of the day.

These are also really helpful to my middle student when looking up words in the dictionary and thesaurus. She like using them as well.

I really love the fact that we have ten of them and I can keep a couple of my favorites as bookmarks in some of the texts we read together from. The rest stay in Levi’s top drawer of his work cabinets for easy access in their little plastic packet to keep them from getting scratched up.

Click on over to the Crossbow Education website to see these and many other cool products they carry!

And don’t forget to check out my Crew Mates’ adventures with Crossbow’s Reading Rulers over at the Crew Blog!

Happy Reading!



~Disclaimer- we were given this product as members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.


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