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County Fair Time!

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We’ve been at the Jim Wells County Fair all week and in the midst of complete exhaustion at this point. 🙂

No pictures yet,  I lost my camera, but I have good friends taking pics that they will share soon so I can update.

We started Saturday with the Horse Show which technically is before the actual fair begins. The girls had a great time, and Taylor won two buckles that she will be receiving this Saturday at awards!

Monday we worked hard to get our home-ec projects finished up and entered by 8 pm.  The kids got lots of blue ribbons along with many class and division champ purple ribbons. Levi won Reserve Overall for his age division and got to go up on stage to receive a plaque and big ribbon! He will also be in the awards ceremony Saturday to receive his plaque.

Goats on Wednesday went well. The classes were HUGE this year, and Taylor won 3rd out of her class of 22. Both of the girls got called back for showmanship and did great!

Yesterday (Thursday) was the busiest day of all as we began at the crack of dawn with concession stand duty and Taylor showing her rabbits. She placed 5th in her class with her rabbit. She then showed her buck. She got called back for showmanship and did great with that as they have to go to the judge individually and answer questions. In the evening we each worked our steak dinner shifts, and Morgan and Mia sang in the talent show. They were amazing and we were so proud of them!

Today we get a bit of a break and don’t have to be out there super early which is why I’m sharing this post. I really wanted and needed to sleep in a bit this morning but I had to  polish up and link a review so thought I’d post a quick update on our fair adventures since I’m up anyway.

The fair is a great time to showcase the skills and hard work the kids have done as well as a wonderful time with friends. I’ve gotten to know lots of 4-H families better and been able to spend time talking with old friends and getting to know some new ones. I love being able to support and encourage all of the kids as well.There’s nothing better than to watch the kids’ hard work be rewarded!

I’m so very glad my hubby was able to take these few days off to join us! He’s enjoyed having the opportunity to help out and spend time with the kids as well.

Well, off to the fair. I’ll try to get pics posted soon!

One thought on “County Fair Time!

  1. Sounds like a great, yet busy time for you all. So glad you could be involved with the fair like that. 🙂

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