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Divin’ Into the Deep Blue Bible!

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Deep Blue Kids Bible cover

Oh boy have I got something AWESOME to share with you!!

If you’ve got kids ages 7-12 who love to read and love adventure, then why not send them on the trip of their lifetime with Asia, Edgar and Kat through the greatest adventure of them all: God’s Word?

The Deep Blue Kids Bible contains the full Bible in the Common English Bible translation– a balanced and readable translation, clear and easy enough even for your littles to understand. This Bible is tailored specifically so even the youngest readers can engage and get fired-up about God’s Word in a full-color illustrated  format including detailed notes, trivia, memory verses, devotionals, and fun activities and ideas. What better way to learn to read?

This unique children’s Bible, which retails for $26.99, comes with various cover options that can be seen on the purchase page where you will also find the links you need to purchase one for your little adventurer. Here you will also find a couple of other resources offered by Abingdon Press that were created to compliment your study adventure.

The Deep Blue Kids Bible Website has lots of other cool resources, videos, and samples you can check out!

So what’s so different and cool about the CEB Deep Blue Kids Bible anyway besides the great new translation?

*SAILBOAT notes emphasize positive character traits and emotions

*UMBRELLA notes address challenging character traits and emotions

*LIGHTHOUSE notes demonstrate core faith concepts at an age-appropriate level

*LIFE PRESERVER notes give responses to tough questions or context for hard passages

*DID YOU KNOW? call-outs highlight fascinating Bible customs and practices

*BET YOU CAN! challenges to develop language skills while encouraging Bible reading

*NAVIGATION POINT verses mark key promises and passages to memorize

*GOD THOUGHTS/ MY THOUGHTS devotions that dive deeper by explaining how the Bible applies to a kid’s life


Gunn Ranch Academy Dives In Deep!

I remember searching for the perfect Bible for Morgan when she was a baby, a preschooler, and then again when she first learned to read when she was 4. I then remember looking around again as she began to question and want to really understand what the Great Adventure was all about in her own language in her tween years. I found a really cool Bible for her that she loved and learned to use and depend on. I also remember that day at Church camp last summer when she realized she had outgrown it.

As our kids grow through different ages and stages in their lives, I believe having a version of the Bible that fits their needs is really important. Each one of my children have asked for a Bible of their own at different times and stages in their own lives, and we’ve gone on searches together to find one when they did.

From the time Levi was a wee tot he has loved to carry his Bible to church. From his beginner Bible to his special “boy’s” Bible, he will sit and open it up to explore even though he can’t read much of it for himself yet. When the opportunity to bring a new and exciting illustrated Bible into our home presented itself, I felt blessed, excited, and positive he would have a brand new friend to carry around!

From the time I opened up the package and first saw the cute cover and flipped through the pages, this Bible looked inviting and definitely fit the ticket for a new adventure. The characters featured throughout are introduced right on the very first welcome page. The translation is a joy to read, and I’ve enjoyed it as much as Levi. It feels like I’m sitting listening to Paul and the rest of the gang telling me a story. I guess you would call this a “conversational” narration, but still recognizably familiar as many of the other translations I love to read and compare. I love reading and appreciating different translations, and this one could certainly be one of my favorites from what we’ve studied and read so far!

Levi LOVES LOVES LOVES this Bible. I just knew it would be a favorite of both 12 year old Taylor and 6 year old Levi because she loves to read to him. This is a treasure they will share together for quite awhile.

My favorite parts are probably the God’s thoughts/My thoughts that expand upon and explain chosen passages and stories and include thought provoking discussion questions. I also love the Did You Know? sections that highlight historical facts and details from the scriptures and stories.

Their favorite parts are the “cool kids” pictures, and the descriptions at the beginning of each book of the Bible. Oh, and Levi really likes the navy blue satin book mark. 🙂

There is a great little dictionary at the end of the book along with a section called “I Wonder What to do when I’m…” that lists feelings/topics referenced by scripture verses to look up. I love when Bibles include this, and especially kids Bibles because it turns the Bible into a useful tool; a place you can go for the answers; THE place to go for answers!

This Bible gets ten thumbs up from my Army of 5. It will be at the top of my gift list for elementary age friends and relatives, and I know ours will definitely be well used and well worn at the ranch!

Check our the Schoolhouse Crew Blog to read about my Crew Mates’ Adventures with the Deep Blue Kids Bible!

Happy Discovery!



~Disclaimer- We received this Bible as members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.







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