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We’ve been blessed with lots of opportunities to review online learning programs, but recently Levi found a new favorite.

It’s no secret that we love animals here at the ranch, so when we first clicked over to the Zoowhiz website we knew we would enjoy this adventure!

Designed for Jr. Zookeepers 5 to 15+, this fun-filled zoo adventure makes learning math, reading, word skills, punctuation and grammar a fun stroll through the zoo park!

Kids can create a FREE account to start earning coins by answering level-appropriate, progressive questions in the subject of their choice.  Once they earn enough coins they can use them to play games in the arcade, or buy animals to add to their collection. With the free account, overall progress can be tracked.

For $14.95, your animal-enthusiast can play for a whole year as a Premium Zoologist. This upgrade includes more animals, rare and endangered, more arcade games, and more detailed step-by-step progress reports to pinpoint trouble areas that need more concentration and focus, as well as unlimited playtime.

So how does this zoo adventure work? Well let’s take a little tour here. After creating your account, the new zoologist will create their own avatar:

After signing in, they are taken to an animated map of the Zoo park (which makes awesome noises when may of the areas are scrolled over!!):


Clicking on Learn and Earn (which sounds like a monkey!) will take them to the educational activities that earn coins to spend. Once the coins are earned, they can be used over at the Biodome (which makes a roaring sound!) to purchase animals for their very own personal zoo collection!


There are many different categories of animals that can be purchased for many different amounts of earned-coins.  The animals are divided into categories based on their habitats: Grassland, Ocean, Tundra and Polar, Desert, Mountain, River and Lake, Domestic, Dinosaur, Rainforest, Mythical, Forest and Woodland, Marsh and Swamp, Forest,  and then a category for Extinct. Once you purchase an animal, it is added to your very own collection and is yours to keep!

The zoologist may also opt to spend those hard-earned coins at the Arcade playing games (This one sounds electric when scrolled over!). There are lots of different games over there, some familiar ones and some new exciting ones!

If you click on the Milestones tower, you will be taken to the progress report screen (and it sounds like a meowing kitty cat!). Again, with the Premium account the progress can be seen all the way to the individual activities level to be able to see where the zoologist might need more practice. It’s really a neat way to see your progress!



For an even more complete description of everything they have to offer over at Zoowhiz, including videos and tours, click on over to the website and explore for yourself! It’s really a lot of fun!

Zoologist Levi’s Adventures:

Six year old Zoologist Levi really LOVES this website. When asked why, he replied that he really loves the animal characters that do funny things between the activities. When you first log on, there is a picture of a really cute elephant walking while the program loads.  It’s also cool that you get coins each day just for logging on! He said he really LOVES clicking on his animals and hearing about where they live and all the cool stuff about them (this has to be read by someone if the child can’t read, it’s not audible from the website). He wishes he could put them all in the zoo park and play with them, though. He also loves when he gets an answer right how the little lemur pops up and says “fantastic!” or “amazing!” or any such thing with a funny accent. And when he gets something wrong he just says “oops, try again!”, or something like that. And if he answers wrong more than once the correct answer will pop up and he can just move on.

On Levi’s Zoo page he has collected 23 animals, is Zoo level 10, and has a total value of 6650.  When you click on an animal, the screen is filled with the animal and tabs to click that tell about it including Info, Detail, Habitat, Diet, and Threat (conservation level).

Levi has collected a Woolly Mammoth, Giant Wombat, Barn Owl, Beaver, Red Bellied Piranha (which he used the information and picture for one of his writing projects!), Atlantic Flying Fish, Green Sea Turtle, Short Beaked Common Dolphin, Angler Fish, Zebra Shark, California Chipmunk, Bulldog, Llama, Frill-Necked Lizard, Grey Crowned Crane, Great Auk, Snowy Owl, Turkey, Verco’s Nudibranch, Gastornis, Clydesdale Horse, Canada Goose, and Bloodhound.

He’s spent almost an equal amount playing games at the arcade, and his favorite ones are  the Bubble Plunge and Goal Glory:

I really like that I can easily move him up and down a level as needed, and he can very easily switch between subjects. We’ve mostly used the math subject since this is giving him lots of practice working with numbers and shapes and patterns. He’s kind of tired and stressed out about reading and phonics right now, so this is the perfect opportunity to have fun with math and take a break from his frustration with learning to read. I really love that this website includes these different subjects together in one place!!

I also love the progress charts. They are really easy to view and even show how many times he has attempted a problem.

The one thing I didn’t like was that the math section doesn’t have a place where the student can click and have the question read out loud like the reading section. So the parent or someone has to be sitting with a child who can’t read to read the question to him. I would like this more if he could use it independently.

He can decode a lot of the questions himself, but several he has answered incorrectly were because he couldn’t read what he was suppose to be doing. I really need things for him to be able to use independently when I am working with older siblings. I do love to sit and work with him with Zoowhiz too, though. We just aren’t able to spend as much time using it together as he would benefit from it if he could also use it by himself. His 12 year old sister also loves playing with him on Zoowhiz. She would love to play on her own account but says she would just rather spend the time helping him with his, and gives them something they can do together while Mom is working.

I also wish that when Levi clicks on the animal’s information that it would read it out loud. That would be a great addition.

I LOVE the fact that Levi has OWNED his zoo! By this I mean that he will be studying or hear about an animal in another subject, reading, on a movie, etc, and will log on to his Zoo to look up and read about his animals. For me, it’s fun to see what animals he has chosen. (Ok, *I* admit I bought the Llama, the Bloodhound, and the Clydesdale!! :))

We LOVE Zoowhiz and Highly Recommend it!!

Visit our Crew Blog to read about my Crew Mates’ adventures with Zoowhiz!

Happy Homeschooling!



~Disclaimer- We received a free subscription to this website for review purposes as members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. No other compensation was received and opinion are my own.


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