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I Feel BeeYouTiful in Mineral Makeup!

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Having used and reviewed BeeYouTiful products before, I was ultra-excited when they came up on our vendor list again.

Little did I know they have a a new line of makeup and skin products over at their sister website BeeYouTiful Skin.


I about flipped out when I learned of their mineral makeup, because I have been using mineral makeup and LOVING IT for years now.

I’ve tried a few different kinds, and a little over a year ago suggested my teenage daughter try my mineral makeup foundation due to an acne problem. The makeup had certainly done great things for my combination skin, and we were delighted when it settled down her teenage problem skin as well.

Knowing the excellent quality and natural ingredients used by the BeeYouTiful company, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on their mineral makeup!

When I found out I would be reviewing it, I was overjoyed and searched through over 20 foundation colors to find three that looked like they would best match my complexion. I found the color charts extremely helpful as they are divided into fair, light, medium dark, and dark sections, as well as listing cool, warm, or neutral tones. The descriptions are extremely helpful as well, and I really appreciated being able to use the compare feature on the website that listed the ones I added together over on the left column.

  After receiving my little sample baggies, I settled on the one that I originally thought would match. (You can order samples of foundation, blush or eye color too!) We were then prompted to pick two eye colors from the 48 they offer, one main one and one that we would receive a sample baggie of. After laboriously reading through the descriptions and narrowing down my compare list, I picked “Army” as my main color and “Pure Gold” as my sample.

As I waited on my products to arrive, I spent lots of time on the website reading back over descriptions and making a wishlist of all the other colors I wanted to order. 🙂 I also added the Laveshmint Hydrating Toner to my wishlist which some of my Crew Mates are reviewing.

I felt like a kid at Christmas when my package finally arrived. (The shipping was speedy, but I was oh so anxious!)

Inside I found my makeup set, dvd, and brushes all wrapped up in a BeeYouTiful little bag!

For review I received a full size container with a scant amount of Florie foundation mineral makeup inside. The full container can be purchased on the website for $25.00. I was very alarmed at the scant amount I received, as I am already familiar with mineral makeups, and while this is certainly a “finer” mineral makeup due to the composition (no fillers, just pure raw minerals!), I knew this small amount would certainly not last very long even with the small amount one has to use. I was super disappointed because I was already loving the fine powder compared to other brands I had used, but knew the small amount for the cost would certainly be prohibitive to me and to recommend to my loyal readers and friends. I later learned through the Crewvine that the company had not sent the full sizes we thought we would receive, but split up one container among 4 to 5 containers. While I understand this, it makes it difficult for me to comment on the cost and value of the product for the money. I will add that I was totally relieved to learn this because I wanted nothing more than to write a rave review of this wonderful product!!

I chose this color based on the description, as my sample bag didn’t really have enough for a complete application dry. Looking back I probably could have scraped it out of the bag and mixed it with water to get a little more idea. I’m not sure whether it was a typical amount in the bag or not, as the other two had a little bit more, but still not enough for a complete application. This being said, the color really is perfect. When I apply the makeup I can’t even tell I have makeup on except for the softer tone of my skin and the soft texture. (I don’t use the heavy makeup application technique as I can’t use moisturizer to mix with it and don’t really have a toner to use either. I just apply my dry minerals to my moist clean face after getting out of the shower, or a clean wash.)

I also received a full sized container with a scant amount of Army Eye Color inside. Again, I was a bit alarmed by the scant amount for the price of $10.00 because I also have several other mineral eye color products in my makeup drawer, so I’m familiar with the amount for the price. I was once again relieved to learn that the scant amount we received was much less than the normal amount. While I can’t comment on the true amount, I love the color and the wear-ability of this beautiful product. I chose this color because of the natural medium green earthy tone with a dash of silver and hint of gold. I wanted something I could wear everyday without looking like I was going to a party. It blends in so very nicely and gives a beautiful shadowy fresh look to my blue-green eyes with the dry application, and also looks marvelous using the foil method (mixing with water!)!

The sample baggie of eye color I received was the Pure Gold which can be purchased for $1.00 as a sample or in full size container for $10.00. I will definitely be purchasing a full size container of this!! In addition to using it on my eyes both sheer and using the foil method for a dramatic effect, it’s really awesome to use as a light coating on your lips!! You can use it by itself or over the top of another color, or as a highlight to another color. I have never been able to use lipstick of any kind, but am an avid Carmex user, and this Pure Gold really adds a glamorous look to lips before going out! (Ok, I DON”T go out at all, ever, but if I did…) :)I also tried it with my BeeYouTiful lip Balm I already had (and LOVE) and it really looked amazingly cool. It didn’t crease or blotch like all of the other times I tried lipstick and wasn’t goopy like lipglosses I’ve tried.  Adding color to the lip-stuff (Carmex, lip balm, chapstick, etc. that you already wear gives it a natural feel with just a hint of color! If you are a makeup pro, makeup enthusiast, or just want to play, this is a must-have for your makeup bag!!

Our set included two magnificent brushes everyone should have. The first is the combo brush, $6.50. This super little tool has brushes at both ends. One end has a thin row of straight stiffer bristles making it great for even lip application or even eye liner. The other end which I just adore has a rounded more supple set of bristles perfect for eyes or lips. This brush has become my new favorite! The second glorious brush we received is the nicest and most fabulous mineral foundation applicator I’ve ever used. For just $11.00, this foundation brush is a steal!! (I’ve purchased much more expensive brushes that were scratchy and shed horribly!)  It’s hypoallergenic, ultra soft on your skin, yet the thick, luscious bristles apply a uniform and smooth application of the ultra fine minerals to your face. The small three inch size fits BeeYouTifully in your hand and makes you feel like a professional makeup artist! Perfect for sensitive skin, these synthetic brushes pickup the minerals well, and wash up beautifully returning to their odor and dye-free luxurious state. These truly are the best brushes I’ve owned and the price can’t be beat!

And last but not least the information packed DVD full of great hints, tips, and instruction methods on how to use the products. This DVD has a great introduction of the foundation, eye color (including how to create eye-liner from your minerals!) , lip color, blush, and concealer.  (You can view it here.) Each section shows the makeup being applied on a person so you can observe the techniques and finished product.  You get to see light coverage, heavy coverage and everything in between.  There is also a section to read that includes a list of ingredients in BeeYouTiful minerals, with explanations of each, and a section of ingredients  you DON”T want to see in your makeup (and why!) for comparison to other mineral makeups. It’s really interesting! This DVD full of information is definitely a great tool to your makeup application success! (View the video by clicking on Watch Now! on the homepage!)

My BeeYouTiful Makeover!

I guess it’s no big surprise I’ll be ordering more of this makeup, as well as the complete set of brushes. I will certainly be placing a big order to use as Christmas gifts as well. BeeYouTiful has taken mineral makeup to the next level!! By taking out the fillers, they have presented an ultra-fine, totally natural and glorious face foundation that is just heavenly! (And is even gluten-free!) I have never been a huge makeup wearer, and have always been the natural type, which is the reason I was drawn to minerals years ago when it first came out. I just could never tolerate glopping goopy sludge on my face, and the minerals seemed likea brilliant alternative.  It was love at first use! I really rarely ever wear eye shadow and never wear lipstick, but once I used mineral eye shadows, again, I was hooked. While I dont’ use them daily, I do LOVE to brush them on before going to work, church, or meetings. This BeeYouTiful mineral makeup has definitely taken the place of all others for me. If you’ve ever had the desire to try mineral makeup, this would be the time! If you are a long-time wearer of mineral makeup, I would certainly encourage you to give this a try!

For those with teenage daughters wanting to wear makeup, or with skin blemishes, I definitely recommend you get them some of this makeup. Again, I’m a big advocate of natural beauty, but these minerals will NOT cover up that natural beauty, but instead will enhance and help out that teenage skin.

The company (as do all mineral makeup companies that I’ve ever dealt with) recommends a moisturizer under mineral foundation, and mixing the makeup with a moisturizer for application, as well as spraying the brush down with a toner like the Laveshmint as well. Mineral makeup is known to be drying to skin, so it’s a must for ladies with dry skin. But my combination skin (dry in some places and oily in others) is extremely prone to breakout. I’ve tried many, many moisturizers, under-makeup products,etc and never found one that didn’t eventually break me out. Even the ones that cost a boatload of money didn’t really do the job. For me, the minerals on my clean, bare, just-out-of-the-shower moist skin are the perfect answer for me. I LOVE the way my skin looks and feels with just plain minerals! I did try mixing the minerals with a few tiny drops of bottled water. Although it dried without being goopy, the texture of brushing wet stuff on my face was not my favorite. It did give me much better coverage than just the dry minerals, but again, I don’t like looking like I’m wearing makeup. For those with red skin, splotches, blemishes, or an uneven skin tone, I would definitely recommend mixing the makeup with moisturizer, toner, or water in the lid before brushing on because the dry minerals probably won’t offer enough cover-up. For me, I still prefer the natural look!

I do like to use the small combo-brush to brush a more concentrated bit of minerals under and around my eyes to cover up bags and sags. I then concentrate on blending them in as I’m brushing the rest of my makeup in. This gives me just the right concealer. If I do have any blemishes or breakout, then I will add water to the makeup and use that over the blemishes, brushing it in with the rest of my makeup application.

I really LOVE playing with the eye color. I can’t wait to get my other colors to be able to play around even more with shadowing, and adding them to my lip balm! 

We LOVE many of the BeeYouTiful products at our place. There are many I would still love to try out on my wishlist, as well as several on my reorder list. This company is definitely committed to excellence, and their desire to present the best, natural, organic products to your family shines through!

To read about my Crew Mates adventures with BeeYouTiful Skin products, as well as other BeeYouTiful products, check out our Crew Blog!  

Oh what a BeeYouTiful morning, oh what a BeeYouTiful day!! I’ve got a BeeYouTiful feeling, every-thing’s going my way!!



~Disclaimer- I received these BeeYouTiful products as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.


One thought on “I Feel BeeYouTiful in Mineral Makeup!

  1. Wonderfully thorough review. It’s great that you could include perspective of someone with skin problems. This will be great for someone with ‘perfect’ skin but it’s so nice to read how it worked for someone that has ‘less than perfect skin’! I have the same issue with moisturizer. Great review.

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