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The Historic Expedition of Lewis & Clark DVD

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Marshall Publishing is a company we were introduced to last year as members of the Schoolhouse Crew. We really love the dvds they have to offer, and were excited to see them back as vendors again!

Since 2007 they have been carrying educational and fun media from dvds, cds, and books, to broadcast and internet programming.

Recently the “Lots and Lots’ brand became a registered trademark of Marshall Publishing. We reviewed Lots and Lots of Firetrucks last year and Levi still watches the dvd and looks through the book!

You can subscribe to their Youtube channel to see great video clips and upcoming programs, and find them on Facebook as well a their Blog.  Their website is packed full of information and goodies!

For our learning and viewing pleasure we received The Historic Expedition of Lewis & Clark DVD.

This dvd retails for $24.95 normally, but is now just $19.95 with free first class shipping with the code TOS27 since you are reading my review! 🙂 To order visit the Marshall Publishing website, and check out all their other great educational dvd’s and sets while you’re there!



This 35 minute dvd will capture your student’s attention as they join the Corps of Discovery in traveling along with Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on one of the most epic, documented explorations of our United States history. They will be taken back to 1804 to begin their journey where the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers meet. The amazing filming of this exploration gives a glimpse of  just how rugged, challenging, and dangerous the 8,000 mile journey to the Pacific Ocean and back by foot, boat and horseback really was.

Through live re-enactments, diary excerpts, illustrated maps, and rare photographs your little adventurers will meet up with Indians, learn about the objectives and accomplishments of the Corps of Discovery, realize some of the physical challenges that the team was faced with, and come away with a visual understanding of our world before interstates, motor vehicles, and electronics ruled it.  This dvd does a great job of showing just how pure, raw and threatening the beautiful wild west really was!

Gunn Ranch Academy Explores the Wild West with Lewis and Clark

Let me just begin by saying my 12 year old requested that we ask for this particular DVD. As we continue our study of American history this year, she has especially enjoyed the geography portion of our studies. She loved the stories of the early America expeditions, and has become quite the US History buff like her Daddy. She was pretty excited to view the dvd when it came.

As we watched the dvd, she commented on how absolutely amazing and breathtaking the photography and landscape was.  She loved the maps that were included and commented on the dramatic music being well integrated into the film. As she has seen countless documentaries played at our house compliments of her Daddy, she was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t just a monotone, boring recount of a historic event, but that the film brought the explorers alive and she felt she was right there with them.

I agreed with her commentary and also felt the film was extremely well done and not a bit boring to watch.

As we were watching the film on the computer, my husband came home and watched the last portion with us. When we were finished he immediately picked it up and went to the living room and popped it in the dvd player to watch on the tv. He was impressed with the quality of the film as well.

Our experience with Marshall Publishing from the Lots and Lots of Firetrucks book and dvd and George Washington Carver dvd we reviewed last year to this historic documentary has been wonderful. This company is a treasure chest full of quality products to add a rich visual experience to your studies.

My daughter has requested a couple other historic dvds and I am going to also order the penguin dvd that others on our crew reviewed for my 6 year old. These materials get ten thumbs up from my Army of 5!!

As far as age goes, I can’t really put an age range on this award winning film because it’s pure adventure and with the amazing landscape photography and adventure would appeal to young and old alike!


Check out my Crew Mates’ adventures with this and other Marshall Publishing products over at our Crew Blog!

Happy Discovery!



Disclaimer~ I received this DVD as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for review purposes. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.



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