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KJV American Patriot’s Bible

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I love reading different translations of the Bible. I do have an old faithful, plain-ole worn-out Bible with no extra bells and whistles that I use for my God time. But I also have several devotional-type Bibles with commentary. My favorite has always been my Apologetics Bible up until now. I have had my eye on this American Patriot’s Bible for quite some time before I had the great pleasure of reviewing it for Thomas Nelson.

When I received it I began looking through the 48 beautiful colored page inserts of rich American history. Besides the amazing inserts there are 80 full page articles and 70 half page articles, 104 quarter page articles, and 66 book introductions.

The hard cover format of this version makes it a very nice homeschool resource. It’s binding and pages are durable and a very nice quality that will hold together through many hours of study and little fingers flipping through the pages. We have used this many times to look up events, people and places from our studies. My kids have really enjoyed just flipping through and looking at the references, quotes, historic events, presidents, US facts, patriotic symbols, etc.

I also enjoy being able to look up Bible verses associated with our history studies and have a significant event, person, fact, or quote associated with it.

I took this Bible to church with me and was highly distracted from the service. It’s not the best Bible for following allow with the scriptures in a service even though it is a large font. The “extras” in the Bible make it challenging to stick to following a scripture without getting distracted. This Bible is more of a Bible to use for home studying our founding fathers and get back to the roots of why our nation was created in the first place backed up by scripture.

It will definitely give you a better understanding and patriotic outlook on our nation. It also kind of stirred that anger inside of me that our nation and its people don’t seem to care where we came from and the realization that our nation is falling apart.

You can purchase the American Patriot’s Bible from Amazon.

Disclaimer~ I was sent this Bible as a member of the Booksneeze bloggers program for review purposes. Opinions are my own.



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